Bronners and Braggs: Household staples

Victoria Lise wellness post ACV and Coconut Oil

Super foods to the rescue! Both of these products are packed full with vital nutrients and health benefits accessible to all of us. They surely could have their own spotlight but because I use them faithfully everyday their cool with one another.

A few of my favorite ways to use ACV & Coconut oil …

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Drink 2-3 8 0z glasses of water mixed with a tablespoon of ACV. I personally don’t mind the pungent flavor but for those that do add a little honey or natural sweetener.  However, I do experience teeth sensitivity if I don’t use a straw.
  • As a facial toner! After bathing I mix one part ACV with 4 parts water (Find what works for you)  and keep in a mason jar on my vanity. I dip a cotton ball in it and blot onto my face. It keeps my skin smooth and even toned.
  • On Burns! I recently burnt my forearm on an electric radiator and after reading how ACV restores the pH of our skin I put the same toner mixture on a cotton ball and placed it against the burn for a few seconds. My burn has started to heal quickly and also match the skin around it.
  • As an all purpose cleaner! Since the scent can be a bit harsh – I add Lavender essential oil.

Coconut oil

  • As a moisturizer! I usually use on its own but to make it even more luxurious add shea butter and your favorite essential oil (if you prefer scent) and whip with a culinary beater! So divine!
  • To shave! Seriously you have to try it for yourself to know how wonderful it is in this department! It creates a lovely barrier as to not irritate your skin -with all the anti inflammatory properties and anti microbial its as good for your outsides as it is your insides!
  • For cooking! I use it in just about everything which is why I buy in bulk -stir fry, smoothies, roasted cauliflower, vegan choc. chip cookies, on sweet potatoes and much much more. If you’re not into a coconut flavor buy the refined oil.
  • As a defrizz for hair! Just a tiny amount goes a long way, rub in hands and through hair with no worries of nasty chemicals soaking through the skin of your hands from applying it.
  • As a hair mask/conditioner! In the winter I do this about once a week. Living in a very dry climate at high altitude makes it necessary. I lather my strands in it and put it in a clip for a few hours or even over night.
  • OIL pulling: this is an aryuvedic technique I had heard of time and time again but finally started doing it about 9 months ago. I heat it up in the oven every morning to liquify it (I prefer not to use a microwave) and swish it in my mouth for 20 minutes. Its important not to swallow it as it gathers toxins while you swish,  also spit it in the garbage as opposed to the drain (don’t want to clog your drains). If in a rush cut it down to ten minutes as you still reap the benefits. It keeps my teeth white, cleans the whole mouth better than brushing though I do that as well and the biggest benefit I have noticed is relief from allergies! If I happen to skip a morning my gums feel inflamed and my sinuses irritated. Its been a miracle to my whole body!
  • My pup loves it too! He gets a spoonful every morning – he hears me getting the jar out in preparation to oil pull and comes running. I also put through his fur coat to help his dry winter skin and keep a healthy sheen. I have to be careful not to put it where he can lick it off as he will lick himself raw.

Im sure I have forgotten things along the way but would love to read what uses you have found to be beneficial through ACV & Coconut oil! If you are new to these ‘super-foods’ I encourage you to do your own research and experiment with what works for you!

Love and Gratitude, 



  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ve just bought some coconut oil as I’d heard about the benefits but I’ve never heard of ‘Oil pulling’ so thanks – I may pluck up the courage to give this a try!

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    1. Let me know what you find! I am always intrigued by others research and findings! Wishing you a great day!

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      1. I’ll keep you posted Tori – You have a brilliant day too!

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  2. Great post! I love both products


    1. Thanks so much! I agree!


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