Me and the Tree

Victoria Lise does yoga pose in backcountry

There’s this lake with a large rock formation above it

and a pine growing through the cracks of the rock.

On that rock

Next to that tree

Which at that time

was below knee

I decided to stay and

continue being free

Now that tree

is taller than me

And I can’t help but see

We did a lot of

growing together


and the tree


  1. Reblogged this on Andy Yoga and commented:
    This is my kindred spirit. She runs with wolves!

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    1. Thank you so much, Andy! My spirit brother, I appreciate you greatly!

      How does one reblog? I am trying to learn the ropes here haha


      1. It was my first reblog! I just saw the button at the end of your page and smacked on it. Wu Tang!! Yo!

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      2. Haha word up! Ill keep my eyes peeled

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  2. Deeply Rooted💞🌳

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