Backdoor Adventures

Hey All! Thanks for sticking around while I was MIA for nearly two weeks. Time can sure get away from me sometimes. This weekend we went on our first spring hike! Here in the mountains of Colorado we are in what we call mud season- the snow melts from the warmth of the sunny spring skies and freezes at night in 20 degree temps. Its a welcoming time of year, a time of transition. Victoria Lise Photo Post Vibrant Spring Pine Tree

The bright hues of life contrast against the dull browns not yet awakened to this new season. Victoria Lise Photo Post Spring Hike with Mountain Backdrop

Observing winter make way for the growth of the next season, fading into the past, yet encouraging and quite literally supporting the next cycle of life. Just as we should encourage, accept, and support one another is all of our seasons.Victoria Lise Photo Post Macro Pasque FlowerVictoria Lise Photo Post Blooming Pasque FlowersVictoria Lise Photo Post Texture of a Fallen PineVictoria Lise Photo Post Black Dog Contrasts Against Green Pine

Happy Spring!

I hope you have enjoyed the captured images of a little adventure. Spring beckons us to explore!


  1. These images are beyond fantastic! Its like a dream 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much, Andy! Truly a dream world!


  3. Wow – what a beautiful place and amazing pictures – the dog’s lovely too… Spring is such a lovely time of regeneration!


    1. Thank you so much! We are finally receiving long awaited sunshine! Hope you are well

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      1. I’m ‘brilliant’ – on the up! I’m so glad you’re starting to see some sun – I think the forecast is predicting improved weather for Manchester next week too. Roll on spring/summer! x


      2. Wonderful! I am in favor of warm weather!

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      3. Me too! x


  4. You’re so right – Spring is a beautiful time of re-awakening. You live in such an amazing place which clearly inspires you in your writing…. Although the area I live in isn’t ‘on the surface’ so beautiful, I see beauty in the nature around me too when I walk around my small garden or look up to the Derbyshire hills in the distance.

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    1. Yes I love that you enjoy and see beauty all around you. I grew up in a city also not so beautiful on the surface but finding beauty all over made it sort of like a treasure hunt!

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      1. That’s so true – it was amazing that when I took some of the photo’s just using my tablet of the flowers in my garden that I really some them so much more clearly – all the detail I’d previously missed… Magical! x

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