Whose world is it?

How is it we as humans turn our consciousness away from our largest support system, Mother Earth?  It’s as if ignorance is some cute game to play to live life unaffected by our everyday choices and the messages in which our environment clearly sends. Real issues aren’t issues to some until they are personally affected then become outraged. What’s missing is the understanding that we are ALL directly affected.

The idea that one occurrence, being, or place has nothing to do with another is a source of artificial ‘light’. We take and abuse our resources while also trying to manipulate nature by the hands of mankind. As if we believe the Earth should adapt to what we feel we need because the concept of us changing ourselves is far to large a burden.

Yet we are lacking just as much as our environment and nurturing neither. We turn away from others suffering because we tell ourselves it’s too much for us to bear not once considering the one enduring the hardship because {well poor us} we might feel traces of another beings pain. We run from our own areas of pain diluting them with artificial preservatives to get by without feeling to heavily, too deeply. This all pours out into everything and us being an Earth within ourselves, we are as polluted as our environment is. It’s not about us as individuals, it is about ALL of us as a whole.

What chemicals do your skin care products contain? How is your food grown? How are the laborers treated? Is your food real food? How are the animals treated? What is your self talk like?

Ultimately ask yourself:

What do your choices contribute too?

In love and deep gratitude,


  1. Thank you for inspiring me to start re-evaluating the choices I make as you’re right I do bury my head in the sand a bit.. Thankyou! x


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, ponder, and respond. I am so very appreciative. I have found the knowledge of my choices to be liberating and the more I learn the more I have to adjust my lifestyle to be in accordance to my morals. Thanks again Wendy for taking the time to connect. Wishing you a ‘brilliant’ day! xx

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      1. And I send happiness blessings to you too Victoria! x

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