A Time to Bloom

Tradescantia zebrina also known as Wandering Jew. I have a few of these beauties growing inside of my home. My ortho-bionomist gave me a cutting from her plants nearly two years ago and while the leaves have always been a vibrant purple they had never flowered actually I had no idea they would flower.



Two weeks ago I noticed a bloom. As if this plant wasn’t beautiful enough the flower had me in complete awe. It has continued to flower since but each flower lasts only a day encouraging me to really soak up the extra beauty.


Upon doing a little research I found the rich purple color of the leaves comes from the amount of light it receives. My home is drenched in sunlight and over 8,000 ft in altitude. Though from the photos it is hard to determine the depth of the purple leaves, they are blanketed in a rich color much more so than what I have found on the internet.


Light helps us all grow but there is no growth chart measuring our internal rise. There is no structured time for us to bloom. While the Tradescantia zebrine has flowered just once my Gardenia plants blossom nearly the whole year through but their beauty is not to be compared, only appreciated. To produce something so delicately beautiful and impermanent takes time and effort. The entire process is Divine.


Enjoy your nature, Bloom On!


  1. Wow what a beautiful bloom.. all the more so because of its rare appearance!

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    1. Absolutely! So treasured!

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