Colorado Cattle Drive

It was a beautiful morning in Colorado. The moon and sun shone in the sky and the alpenglow was very much alive. A blanket of fog lay between land and sky and the morning dew caressed the colorful flora. The ranchers drove their cattle through brush and into the morning light.

Oh ’twas a sight

Victoria Lise Whetstone Mountain with a Layer of Morning FogVictoria Lise Mt. Crested Butte Early MorningVictoria Lise Shasta Daisies in Morning LightVictoria Lise Early Morning Cattle DriveVictoria Lise Rancher on Horseback Chats with LocalVictoria Lise Ranchers Cleans Horses HoofVictoria Lise Driving Cattle Into the Morning Light Victoria Lise Colorado Cattle Drive on a Dirt Road


  1. I love this so much. People don’t know there are REAL cowboys and cowgirls out there. There is nothing more down to earth than being out West. Love this!

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    1. Thanks Andy! I agree completely – they are the real deal. It brings me to tears standing there with that energy, their livelihood. The cowboy giving the thumbs up said “Its been a good morning boys!”. Makes my heart pump!

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  2. […] our dogs instinct to herd. You may remember scenes from the summer drive a couple of years back;¬†Colorado Cattle Drive. The photographs below were captured during the start of Fall on a day that was better suited for a […]


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