Standing in Solidarity with Standing Rock

Where do you stand if you don’t stand with the land? What is sacred if not our source? If you haven’t guessed by now I am referencing the manipulation of power and greed that is the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s as if we have been given a magnifying glass to have a closer look at the divided nature of humans. On one side we have those protecting the little freedom they were once warranted, protecting all of our rights to clean water, working with nature, protecting our past, present, and future.

On the other side we have those protecting greed, corruption, deception, money, and the destruction of our mother and a sustainable planet. To put the cherry on top these companies that are directly tied to DAPL have sister and parent companies that own America’s media sources making it very, very easy for them to manipulate what you the viewer sees, hears, and ultimately thinks. External, independent sources of news have warrants out for their arrest if they have not already been detained. Reporting truthfully, well, you see where that will get you in a highly controlled society.

A solution will not rise from our silence. Our Mother (Earth), our brothers and our sisters need us now. There are many, many ways to get involved and be of service. Set an intention for those putting aside their day-to-day lives to take a stand for us all, pray, send loving energy, SHARE the happenings on social media as well as your support, collect items within your home that you no longer use such as blankets, warm socks, tents, winter jackets, sleeping bags, gloves, tarps- you can also search Amazon wish list where you will find items the camps are in need of.

They are prepared to endure the winter so they really need our help in terms of supplies. At the very least BE AWARE! This. Is. Not. Ok! Please show your support and do not stand separate out of fear. This is truly and deeply something that IS and Will affect us all. If this destruction continues how will life look for your children, for your grand-children? Do you stand for what you stand on? What is it you believe in? And can you live without clean water?

Please share your thoughts and sightings with me!

P R O T E C T – C L E A N – W A T E R

P R O E C T – T H E – S A C R E D

The Western Slope Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock!


Send donations to:

Standing Rock Souix Tribe                                                                 Sacred Stone Camp

N. Standing Rock Ave Bldng. 1                                                 202 Main street P.O. Box 1011

Fort Yates, ND 58538                                                                               Fort Yates, ND 58538

ATTN: Johnelle Liengang

(Add P.O. Box D underneath Standing Rock Ave.)


  1. Thank you, amazing human, for all you’ve done in this arena. You rock!!! I’m at T-bar. 🌸


  2. This really sounds incredibly worrying for you and I send my prayers across the water.. x


    1. Thank you, Wendy! Prayers are so powerful

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome Victoria.. xx

        Liked by 1 person

  3. […] and would pollute drinking water for 10 million + (Read more here Still Standing, Standing in solidarity with Standing Rock). People all over gathered, prayed, held ceremony, marched, occupied space, and took direct action […]


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