Perks of Being A Girl Boss

#1. Proving people wrong because of gender.

Since starting our company (nearly 3 years ago) I haven’t just done the office work, or my favorite, gardening & teaching sustainable living. I set out to learn about whatever tasks were on the agenda. So often I am underestimated by men until they see me on a roof, lifting railroad ties, or using some sort of power tool.

But just the other day a woman mentioned that she fully expected a male to help her and didn’t think I would be able to assist her like a man could. After moving her wrought-iron furniture, couches, and firewood from her home to her crawl space and to her second home, I asked her what she would need male assistance with so I could schedule accordingly. She responded she wouldn’t need any male assistance as I had completed the tasks- unexpected for the female gender I suppose . I winked at her in return hoping I gave her a little fire and a little belief that she too as a woman can do more than she currently believes to be possible ~ even if that does not consist of laborious tasks. Being raised by a single, badass, independent mother has infinitely inspired me. We are all born with the strength of a human. 


  1. lilyandardbeg

    You go girl! Sorry, couldn’t help myself…a person is able to do something or not and it has nothing to do with gender. Well done for proving ‘the weaker sex’ is a thing of the past 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much! I could not agree more- I was actually taken aback when I heard that remark as I didn’t realize that type of thinking continues to dominate some.

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  2. Debi walls

    Thanks to my badass daughter for standing up for what she believes in ur my inspiration that’s how I became a badass mom heehee love u oodles

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  3. Go girl! Inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so very much! Cheers!

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