Still Standing

It would feel rather dishonest and disrespectful to post in regards to anything other than the happenings at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. These happenings have infiltrated my mind and heart. I am shocked by people’s resistance to be involved or even to be aware of this grave issue. More so, I am moved by our brothers and sisters resistance toward the Dakota Access Pipeline, a 3.8 billion dollar project that will affect way more than the 8,000 people living within the Standing Rock Reservation. They stand in peaceful prayer to protect the most sacred, life-giving source, Water. They stand not for themselves but for all of us, for all life and the next 7 generations.

For what are we doing with our time here if we aren’t striving for a better tomorrow?

Their peaceful actions have been met with violence, betrayal, and injustice. 500 years of oppression yet the Indigenous people continue to show us the way. How often in our world do we see violence met only with prayer, dance, and sacred song? That is a profound type of power.

Remember the quote:

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”

We are seeing this acted out in front of our eyes. We have those standing to protect an Oil companies profits and those who stand to protect the land and all the people who use that land as a source of life.

This 3.8 billion dollar pipeline was planned to be laid outside of the city of Bismarck, ND but when concerns arose about the possibility of it contaminating the municipalities drinking water- DAPL, LLC changed course (with the OK from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) and decided to construct the pipeline not only through Sioux natives ancestral burial grounds (yes, imagine your grandparents grave being desecrated for an oil corps profit) but being laid directly underneath Lake Oahe carrying 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Not only is Lake Oahe the main water source for Standing Rock reservation but it runs into the Missouri river, a water source for approximately 10 million+ people!

Over the last week tensions have escalated between protectors and law enforcement as police forces from 5 different states have been sent to Standing Rock using the EMAC fund. The EMAC or Emergency Management Assistance Compact is put in place as reimbursement for state emergencies. Standing peacefully to protect clean water doesn’t seem like it would put a state in emergency, do you agree? But when that pipeline spills (and it will) into the water source for millions of people who will most definitely call for a declared state of emergency. Do you see how this is unfolding?

Over 100 people were arrested last week for protecting, standing, and erecting camp directly in line of pipeline construction. Some of these people were placed in dog kennels and given identification numbers to be worn on their arms. This IS happening! Choosing to remain ignorant does not negate responsibility. We all need to take accountability for the state our world is in. We need to teach our children what is actually happening so that we ensure we give them an honest chance at life. We need to educate and advocate.

For live updates and day by day information please *Like* Sacred Stone camp – Red Warrior Camp – Unicorn Riot – All which you will find on Facebook.

In the meantime there are many ways you can help from where you are.

SHARE: With little to absolutely zero mainstream media coverage, sharing the happenings creates awareness and support. This big contributor is often overlooked. It’s easy and effective.

Switch banks: Citi bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of Tokyo, Bank of America and more are large investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline.  This is another very effective non-violent direct action.

Donate: You can go to either Sacred Stone Camp or Red Warrior Camp Facebook pages to find their legal defense fund. There are also Amazon wish lists set up with items the camps are in need of.

We have a collective group of people here on Colorado’s Western Slope that have come together in solidarity with Standing Rock. We have been collecting donations, taking direct actions, and planning trips to ND. Three of our members were in Standing Rock last week at the peak of tension. They stood strong alongside water protectors and aided in different efforts. They have confirmed that while it was traumatic it was also a deeply profound experience. More of us plan to go to ND with donations mid November. Until then I will continue to bring updates and awareness from where I stand.

For All Relations. Mni Winconi


  1. It’s so sad that the lessons of the past haven’t yet been learned and will continue to impact future generations… xx


  2. […] of ancestral gravesite’s and would pollute drinking water for 10 million + (Read more here Still Standing, Standing in solidarity with Standing Rock). People all over gathered, prayed, held ceremony, […]


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