Your Reflection in a Stone

We often speak down to ourselves when we see our reflection in a mirror. We point out lines, rolls, uneven textures and we allow ourselves to feel lesser because we consider these to be blemishes not beauty. We think if we could just change these undesirable flaws we would feel content, we could accept ourselves because we look what we feel is acceptable.

What happens when we look at a mountain with its rugged lines and jagged cliffs or when we look into a body of water and see a ripple? We observe in awe, the wonders of nature and the bounty of beauty expressed in each life form. What we are failing to see is our refection in the mountain, in the body of water, in the ever-changing sky. In the same  way we admire works of nature, Nature, (The Great Spirit, The Universe, The Creator) admires us and looks to us in wondrous awe.

On a hike a couple of weeks ago, I came across this phenomenal rock. As I stopped to take in the magnificent beauty, my mind became flooded with the demeaning words I had read or overheard women speak in regards to themselves, their bodies.  This rock spoke but not of its external appearance, it spoke of its worth and its journey. It spoke of the many forms it had already taken and its essential role in each form. It spoke of the impermanence of its current form and the openness to move forward into whatever lie ahead. It spoke of its vital need to exist. Finally, it asked “When you look at me, do you see you?”

Victoria Lise Veins in A Sedimentary Rock

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  1. Dei walls

    O tori how true this is as a woman who has become to the age of double nickles I find myself always looking at lines on my face and body in a negative way thks for helping me to see it differently xxoo

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