The Struggle Continues

You may have finally seen a bit of media coverage with the latest news in regard to Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline. On December 4, The Army Corps of Engineers stated they would not grant the easement for DAPL to bore underneath Lake Oahe and will require a full environmental impact statement (EIS) before construction can progress.

As you can imagine this was welcomed news, an answer to the people’s prayers and heightened voices but it certainly does not mean this is over and we can now wash our hands of this. DAPL still has their construction equipment on site, helicopters continue to fly over camp, and a barricade has been built around the construction area. DAPL has also stated their commitment to the completion of this pipeline with no intention to reroute.

This is still a victory in the fight and one to rejoice over but certainly we must all stay vigilant.  This pipeline would have been completed had it not been for the water protectors who have taken a stand on the frontline in North Dakota but also worldwide. Everyone who divested and locked down from banks who are heavily invested in DAPL, those who marched, made calls, sent letters, shared the happenings on social media, sent and gathered donations, you all moved this movement to where we are today.  That is incredibly powerful that we the people, rooted in peace and prayer, took a stance for the well-being of one another and for our mother.

Together we are making a difference. Thank you all for your efforts, for applying pressure, for uniting. Let us keep this momentum going, stay connected, organized, and strategic. For All Our Relations. For a better tomorrow.

The struggle continues but so do we……..

Victoria Lise National Day of Action in Solidarity with Standing Rock Water Protectors


  1. Some Good news to be celebrated.

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  2. Debi walls

    Standing your ground always pays off just believe

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  3. Wow – this is amazing news! I’m so pleased that the efforts of the ‘peaceful protestors’ has been heard at least to heighten awareness at this stage.. As you say the battle must continue but this gives some ‘hope’… Thank you for highlighting this important issue to me as I would never have known about it otherwise and I’m delighted to hear this positive update! I hope you’re well and looking forward to Xmas xx

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    1. Thank you, Wendy. It is certainly a victory in the fight. I am honored to be able to shine a light on issues often kept in the shadows and hope to continue to do so. Just arrived home from a big trip visiting family, such a great time of year. Thinking of you and your precious family, Happy Holidays! Cheers!

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      1. Hi Victoria… Yes – it’s important that we keep highlighting issues and not give up even when it feels like it won’t be heard.. you never know who’s listening!! How lovely.. I’m so glad you’ve had a fabulous trip, it’s so important to enjoy our families and Xmas is a perfect excuse. I’ve just got home from my granddaughters school carol service at a local church.. Oh it was adorable – a wonderful way to start the Xmas holidays! Hope you have a fabulous Xmas.. your first as Mrs V! Enjoy this very special Xmas together xx


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