Adopt Don’t Shop


 There is an influx of puppy and kitten and bunny (and animals of all kinds) sales around the holiday season and most of those animals purchased end up in high kill shelters or as strays on the streets and many won’t make it to see the end of their life in a loving home. Pets are not presents, they are sentient beings, they are a responsibility and they require a commitment. If you have chosen to invest in the life of an animal please take responsibility for your choices and understand that by rescuing an animal you choose compassion and you contribute to the greater good. 

When you rescue you save two lives, the life you bring home and the life that takes the vacant space. Paying the rescue fee helps the next animal get medical treatment, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. You see it’s really a domino affect of goodness, a way to pay it forward.

You can also consider fostering or volunteering at an animal shelter or sanctuary. Fostering is free! You provide a loving safe home until their forever home comes about, the shelter provides everything else.  Volunteering can provide a beneficial foundation to learn about animals and their needs and is a wonderful way to give back. Encourage your friends and family to volunteer their time to animals in need or donate toward an animals transport, medical care, or board until rescue. The gift of giving is just that, a gift and everyone benefits.

 Just look at the grateful rescue kitten below! 


Victoria Lise Rescue Kitten Advocating Adopt Don't Shop



  1. I love your writing. We have two miniature pinchers that we adopted from the local animal shelter. They are adorable and find themselves often included in the posts on The Ruminant Scribe. It seems they provide illustrations galore for the biblical concepts that I write about. Thanks for this post letting people know of the importance of adopting from shelters. Also, thanks for liking one of the posts on The Ruminant Scribe. I am humbled by your visiting and then liking the post. Blessings to you this year.


  2. Oh so true Victoria… that kitten is ADORABLE!! xx

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