Winter in West Colorado

We woke up to 11 inches of fresh snow yesterday. It is always so magical after a storm,  before the new snow melts off of the southern facing peaks, everything blanketed in a glistening, dazzling white powder, while the clouds begin to vanish giving way to winters blue sky. As I mentioned in Cross country and back again my husband and I have been staying off the grid for the last week, at a farm we sometimes tend to.

It is completely reliant on solar and wind power, so I dashed out early morn to clear the solar panels of snow to ensure we received a full charge! I didn’t run outside without my camera as the light beckoned me to photograph the overwhelming beauty.

Victoria Lise Winter 2016 Western Colorado Solar and Wind Farm

Mount Crested Butte (in which our town is named after) freshly coated in snow. The pole with the hanging prayer flags is a wind turbine!

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Mt. Crested Butte Snow Covered

In all her dreamy glory

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Fresh Snow

Crested Butte and Gothic Mountain peeking through the clouds. Crested Butte is well-known for world-class skiing and named the last best ski town in America. We are also the wildflower capital of Colorado.

Victoria Lise Dogs At Play In Fresh West Colorado Snow

Styx (our pup) on the right and Sampson (farm pup) on the left. They are both rescue dogs and it has been so beneficial for both of them to spend days and nights together. Sampson is very tolerant of Styx’s shenanigans and is helping Styx greatly with his socialization. Sampson is becoming comfortable with his territory (he’s new to the farm) and with newcomers.

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Dogs at Play

A dogs life. . .

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Off Grid GreenHouse

Here is the greenhouse completely insulated with straw. This whole property was inspired by a book as well as living consciously with the Earth. The owner lived in a tent for the first year and as you can see it is not an easy climate to survive in. Her dedication and commitment to building this with earth friendly intent is absolutely inspiring and a dream I hope to manifest myself.

Victoria Lise Winter In West Colorado Greenhouse Chard Plant

It is still a challenge to grow tomatoes even in the greenhouse during winter but many lettuces and herbs are so hearty they continue to thrive. Greens are enjoyed throughout the year. This beautiful chard is perfect for the holidays!

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Greenhouse Chard

Rainbow Chard

Victoria Lise Winter in West Colorado Greenhouse Gnome

Thank you for joining me here! 

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  1. Debi walls

    O how breathtaking especially at Christmas love u miss u

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    1. Love and Miss you xo


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