Too Much of a Good Thing

Here on the Western Slope of Colorado we see significant snowfall each year. Significantly more than what I grew up with on the east coast. You could say it’s typical and welcomed to see windows covered and snowbanks overhead. Well, we’ve had over 100 inches in 9 days, and it is snowing as I type. That brings our season average somewhere over 200 inches of snow. Yea, it is a little crazy!

Our town is well equipped for the amount of snow we see on a normal year but this storm cycle has overwhelmed the day to day functions. Schools closed for the first time since the 1970’s, trash and recycling services had to be called off and CBMR, our ski resort, even closed for a day unable to keep up with bombing and assisting those unable to navigate once on the hill. Luckily, I found a few moments to capture some of the madness.

It truly is impressive 



Whetstone Mtn. 


The road that I live on with snowbanks taller than vehicles and Mt. Crested Butte in all of her winter glory. 


It is tough to give an accurate perspective of just how much snow lays on the ground. Here is my husbands truck completely engulfed. Can you make out the windshield wipers?! 


As I mentioned Here , my husband and I do snow removal so this has been an awful lot to keep up with. You have to get creative and use your resources! This roof was in danger of collapsing from all of the weight. When we laddered up to the roof it was waist high so we found a way to get the snowblower on the roof. I have to admit it makes life exciting! 


Styx absolutely loves the snow. He launches himself off the tops of snowbanks and into the untouched powder. His body gets buried and he makes his way to the top. He could do this all day.


Gratitude seems to be a universal theme. As I opened my ‘Reader’ both top posts had Gratitude in the title. Last night we celebrated my husband and his lifelong friend, Maggie’s 26th birthdays at our home. Gratitude came up in conversation and we concluded that gratitude is the cure. It is the simplest way to refocus and remember to give thanks for life’s blessings, surely there is always something to be grateful for. 

Deeply grateful for each of you. Thank you for being here. 

What is the average snowfall like in your area? 


  1. Debi walls

    Truly the work of Mother Nature gratitude is what u must feel respect your surroundings it’s gods beauty

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Average snowfall in our area = zip! Your photo’s are wonderful and I can imagine it is quite exciting. I love Styx photo and the description of him playing in the snow.


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