Sly Fox


I captured this hunting fox just this past fall (2016) as I was just beginning to work with my new camera and lens. He happened to be hunting just outside of my condo and must have caught 4 or more prey. A good day for fox.


I absolutely love to watch animals or sit in the stillness of nature. The unspoken language is my first and most fluent.  The silent conversations with animals are the very first I remember and deeply embedded into my roots.  To this day I find solace and feel most understood in my sittings with the natural world.


Certain animals stay close by to me throughout my journey, the fox is one. When our senior rescue dog, Bear passed away (August 2015), a dear friend felt that she would return to us as fox. Exactly 3 days later a small fox with an injured paw showed up in a driveway of a house we care for.  The fox stayed in the driveway for about 20 minutes while we shared space with it and ever since we have spotted nearby fox at least once a week and always at the house where we had the first encounter. That’s a lot of fox medicine!


Now these magnificent creatures all have their red winter coats which reflect so beautifully off of the sparkling white snow! And their fluffy tails take on a life all of their own.

Stay tuned for shots of winter fox and be sure to take a look at my photography pages as I have updated and added to them in the recent weeks!!

You are appreciated!


  1. Debi walls

    Simply fabulous nature st it’s best


    1. Thank you so much!! ~Tori


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