Helping Audrey

Audrey has been at the Carson Shelter in LA county since August 7, 2016. The shelter has reached its max capacity with 50 dogs having been surrendered over the weekend. Audrey is one of many to be killed this Friday, January 20, 2017.  Please consider sharing Audrey’s information on any of your social media platforms and/or especially with anyone who may have a helpful resource to aid in Audrey’s safety.  ( Audrey’s video )

Here is what the “Saving Carson Shelter Dogs” volunteers say about Audrey:

“She is very SPECIAL! She doesn’t bark or cry, stays outside of her kennel most of the day just staring out. She doesn’t even respond when dogs walk by, she goes the other way in her kennel. She failed her temperament test months ago for some reason so she has not been out of her kennel except for the one time she was tested. She needs help now!”

They also mentioned in the months Audrey has been a resident she has shown signs of progression even in a stressful setting. While she was skittish at first she now accepts treats from staff and is less fearful when approached.

Temperament tests within a shelter environment fail the animals. Especially for animals shutting down in a shelter as they are not given a fair chance when tested under those circumstances. Please note that she has not been outside of her kennel in months. That means, no walks, very little socialization, and no interaction with the outside world. She has no outlet for her fear, anxiety, and stress. So many animals are let down by dysfunctional systems and people who follow them.  I printed 7 pages with listed rescues in LA county this morning, 7 pages. That is one county. And in that one county with 7 pages of listed rescues there are still thousands of animals at risk. I see countless Facebook posts in my own county where backyard breeders sell litter after litter, or the free pup ads which usually never end with a loving, forever home, while so many sit alone with eyes like Audrey waiting to be treated like the deserving being they are.

Audrey has $937.00 in pledges. Pledges are made by people like you and I who want to assist in the rescue mission. A pledge is generally made by stating an amount you would like to donate toward the reputable rescue that ‘tags’ the animal. It helps offset cost for spay/neuter, micro-chipping, and any other vet services the animal may require. Please see Audrey’s Facebook post and visit Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page for more information.


My name is AUDREY and I am believed to be a 2 y/o American Staffordshire terrier. I am not yet spayed and have been at the Carson Animal Care Shelter since 8/7 waiting on my family. I have to be tagged by a rescue as I failed my temperament test. *not my photo*

Thank you for your consideration and compassion! 

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