“More or Better?” – Revisited and Updated

I haven’t stopped pondering the questions and points Carol A. Hand – Voices from the Margins poses within the context of this posts. I came away with a large sense of hope and deep excitement. A course that to me would truly nurture learning in addition to forward thinking educators encouraging us to look beyond todays status quo. The video is just a cherry on top of an already, brilliant article.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

For the past month, my friend, Cynthia Donner, and I have been working on revising a class focused on social justice. It’s been a daunting process to frame and describe the purpose and create new assignments. And we’re facing our first class in less than a week, so please wish us luck.

We’ve decided to use trees as a metaphor, focusing on the importance of roots, landscapes, branching out, and nurturing supportive inclusive communities. With Cynthia’s permission, the draft purpose we developed is posted below. I’ve included both a text and photo version. Although I like the look of the photo, I’ve learned that it’s difficult to translate words on WordPress photo images into other languages, at least with my level of computer skills. As an educator, I believe innovations, even those in process, should be accessible as a foundation for dialogue.


Spring 2017 Course Overview Spring 2017 Course Overview

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  1. Debi walls

    Wow love the tree and root idea so brilliant!!!!

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    1. Yes, me too! Drew me in immediately!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Tori, along with your kind and thoughtful comments. ❤

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    1. You’re welcome, Carol. So grateful to share such insights. My husband and I have used it as a conversation piece every evening. I’ve even shared it with my mom, well she read it on here. So wonderfully thought provoking, a strong foundation to build from.

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