A Morsel of Good News

Audrey, the at risk dog I posted about here, was rescued just in the nik of time! The in between moments, the moments waiting for an unknown answer can be overwhelming. Because that answer is life or death. Audrey’s answer was life! After 6 months in her kennel she had her first sniff at freedom this past weekend. Saving lives takes a village! Thank you to all who foster, adopt, share, contact rescues, volunteer, transport, and so much more. So thrilled to share this happy ending with you! 

See  Audrey’s freedom video! 

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  1. Debi walls

    O Tori it don’t get any better than that kid keep on saving the lives of our friends it’s such unconditional love the world needs to feel more of that toshea’!!!!!!!!!❤️🦅🐾🌼

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    1. Xo I appreciate you!


  2. Awww – bless her and thank goodness she’s off to a new life.. she looked so sad and thin in the video.. What a relief that she’s found a new home.. xx

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    1. Yes, it was such a relief to get that news! Now she can blossom! Thanks, Wendy X

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      1. Thank goodness.. xx

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  3. That’s lovely, I hope she has a happy joyful doggy life.

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    1. Thanks Barbara, I hope so too~


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