Crested Butte Buried in the West Elks

We have made it through the first 250 + inches of snowfall so far this season and prepare for the next few feet to begin falling this evening. This is truly an epic snow year! After recovering from my first real illness in 4 years I took the camera out on a beautiful blue bird day. Take a brief tour with me without the hassle of slipping on ice!

Elk Avenue

Towering over our main street (Elk Avenue) is Mount Crested Butte, our towns namesake. If I didn’t know it were real I might have thought the mountain was photo-shopped. Nope, she’s just really majestic!


Crested Butte being a historic district has many fascinating structures. Many mining cabins still stand, a number have been uniquely restored, like the one below.


The paint, already vibrant, prominently stands out against the snow. The contrast in colors is marvelously captivating. (The Love Shack)

Naturally, HAHA

Air conditioned but only during the winter! Get it?


Top of Elk Avenue


Perspective on the amount of snowfall.


“If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains, you’re lucky enough”



Thank you all for joining me here. I’m grateful to connect with each of you and value the diverse ways you all express yourselves.

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6 thoughts on “Crested Butte Buried in the West Elks

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it can definitely be a hassle at times. Luckily, our state manages the road ways and the mess pretty well. They actually haul large amounts of snow out of the high traffic areas. It is crazy! haha

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