Perched Bald Eagle


This beautiful bald Eagle came into view last week on a short drive to the next town over from us. He was one of many that I saw that week, a week of Eagles. I was quite far away but figured I might as well take the opportunity to capture the presence of a wondrous creature.


He did not take flight as I’m sure he was awaiting a meal at the fish hatchery below but his perch was a gift in itself.


What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything exciting? 

I will be catching up and trying to get ahead of work in preparation for our honeymoon next month! Looking forward to warmer temperatures and long days filled with adventure and relaxation! 

Have fun my friends ~ xo ~ Tori 

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13 thoughts on “Perched Bald Eagle

      1. Wonderful – I’m sure your trip will be ‘the perfect honeymoon’.. Well now – my kitchen… I have finally got running water and cooking facilities back on – I am feeling a massive sense of ‘gratitude’ every time I turn on the tap and realise how lucky I am to have running water.. We’ve got lots of finishing off to do but it’s a working kitchen and hopefully it will be completely finished in a couple of weeks and I’ll post some ‘after’ photo’s xx

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      2. Oh my what a lengthy project but it is functional now! Yay! Isn’t it interesting how everything can pose a lesson for us to learn or expand on our current practices like gratitude! So glad you have running water and are nearing the completion of the project! Hang in there, Wendy! X

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      3. I feel like a millionaire now we have water and cooking facilities back again.. Yes – it was ‘unplanned’ and therefore getting contractors in to work on things has been ‘hit and miss’… Large beams of light glowing at the end of the tunnel now though xx

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