Know Better Do Better

When we know better we do better or so the saying goes.. Does it go beyond that? Do we actually do better when we know better or is this a phrase we coin off on our children to plant a seed that we hope grows in them while deliberately avoiding our own advice?

And if action speaks louder than words is it any wonder that far too many destructive yet accepted practices take place worldwide? We sit on the sidelines not wanting to leave the comfort zones we have built around ourselves. We push aside truth if it challenges our conveniences even at the cost of another sentient beings existence.

We are products of our surroundings surrounded by products. Really think about that for a moment or two. Have we become more product than human(e)? Do we turn our cheek to atrocities if it means continuing our preferred way of life undisturbed?

I know this isn’t the content everyone wants to see or read or even acknowledge because it’s disrupting, it’s not sugar-coated, it’s not packaged to sell in an appealing bottle. But if you knew what was behind that fancy label would it still be glamorous?  Would you still have to have it? If it meant this?

Why is it that we allow ourselves to become the victim of another beings suffering? Often when I bring these things up in conversation I’m met with “That’s just too sad for me to even think about” or something along those lines. While I do understand (to an extent) it is not an excuse to disregard the suffering of another and replace it with your own.

Below is a list of companies that exploit and torture animals for the sake of profit and product. You may find that you use one or all of the listed products. This doesn’t mean you should condemn yourself but it does gift you the opportunity to make effective changes that align with compassion and respect for all life.  We all have the option to choose ethical practices, ones that do not exploit a life for the purpose of a profitable product.

Will you make a change even if it challenges your conveniences?  Together we can make a difference. I hope you’ll join me.



  1. Thank you. It’s good and important to be informed.

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    1. Thank you, Miriam. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Wishing you a wonderful day x

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      1. Thank you. You too!

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  2. Debi walls

    Well Tori I and the world has a lot to change thanks for speaking out and up it will help us all to make this Mother Earth a better place keep on with ur passion xx

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    1. Thank you for supporting me and putting your best foot forward! Every step counts.


  3. Barbara

    You are so right, this isn’t a subject that many people even want to know about. I really appreciate your list. I had no idea some of those companies still tested on animals. I won’t get started on how it upsets me. I will reblog your post, because I think education is the secret to change. Thank you for standing up for animals and their ethical treatment. We have a long way to go I fear.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read & comment. It is very upsetting but so many great organizations and people working to make changes. No act is too small. I am so appreciative of the dialogue and support, Barbara!


  4. Barbara

    Reblogged this on Create With Barb and commented:
    Fantastic post from a blog that I follow. I believe education is the key to helping animals everywhere. I believe Maya Angelou’s words “When you know better you do better.”

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    1. Thank you so very much, Barbara. Deeply grateful for your support and you sharing the post. Really means so much. Awareness and education are so huge in the animal welfare movement. Thank you again. -Tori


  5. Hi ! I nominated you for the Blue Sky Award. I love your creations on your site…you can see your nominations here

    Copy and past the award and rules on your website…Congrats!!!!


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