The Power of a Flower

Grew from seed

For a client in need

We were told it couldn’t be

At an altitude

So high above the sea

We grow where were planted

That’s the message indeed

We overcome the challenges

Our roots take the lead

Growing is free

Root and see


Happy Monday friends! Wishing you a week full of wonder & good tidings ♥

This little poem was inspired by sunflower seeds we planted for a client who not only requested sunflowers be planted along their garden but were in need of one of life’s little miracles or blessings. This species of plant is not native to our environment and at almost 9,000 ft the likelihood of its growth was uncertain. However, they grew and blossomed and stood taller than me.

Did the sunflowers growth resonate with you?

Have you grown in an environment that wasn’t nurturing to your true nature or well-being? 

Did you find greater strength from enduring the challenge/adversity?

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