Predator and Prey

Springtime in, southwestern Colorado, shows some of its first signs through hungry wildlife. We see blue birds, fox that haven’t yet shed their thick winters coat, bear emerging from a long winters hibernation, hunting coyote and more.


This beauty was just outside of our house guarding a half-eaten prairie dog. He was not amused by our dogs insistent barking nor was he deterred from enjoying his afternoon catch.


He almost seemed to enjoy it more having an audience to parade his prey in front of.        ( Note: I am not actually sure of the coyotes gender ~ just a guess)


The colors of his coat and subtle reflection off of the shiny snowpack made for a pretty scene.



It wasn’t long before he moved on in search of his next meal.

What wildlife do you encounter where you live?

Thanks for joining me here! Until next time ~ Happy trails! 

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  1. Used to live in Colorado, about 1/2 way between Denver and Boulder and I definitely miss all the wildlife we saw there. My favorite memory was of hearing (but not seeing) a mountain lion calling as it walked through our area one night.


    1. Wow! How neat! I have yet to see or hear a mountain lion but have spotted their prints on dirt roads. We have a growing population of moose in our area waiting to run into one of those guys, haha! I really treasure all of the wildlife.

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      1. Colorado is such a great place to see animals!

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