A Taste Of The Sea

We have been on the road for nearly two weeks now. We have visited family, surfed in Santa Cruz, CA, hiked in the Mojave desert, and I even celebrated my 27th dance around the sun! We have been living the dream!  Styx, our traveling rescue dog, has really taken to this adventure quite well. There is so much goodness to be shared with you all in the coming weeks but for now I’ve included couple of captures of the Santa Cruz coastline. They had an increased amount of rain pass through so the landscapes were incredibly lush and full of vibrant colored succulents.

Steamers Lane, West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz 
West Cliff 

I hope you all are enjoying life wherever you are in the world


 I look forward to deepening our growing connections ♥

For frequent updates of our travels find me on Instagram @Divinei

Thank you for joining me here Xx 


  1. Barbara

    Stunning photographs, have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Barbara! It was a wonderful adventure!


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