Junior NSSA Surf Competition Santa Cruz, CA

Walking down West Cliff drive one early morning, we came across a Junior surf competition. This is not unusual (as you could imagine) as surfing is a way of life for many Californians particularly in Santa Cruz.

Victoria Lise Photographs Warning Sign

Kids not much older than 12 were jumping from the cliffs at Steamers into the powerful break.  Their technique and style was incredible and looked to be effortless. Carving the water, moving with intent and propelled by great force. Surfing, is a captivating sport. Whether or not your inclined to try it yourself just being a spectator is exciting enough!

Victoria Lise Captures Young Surfers

Victoria Lise Shoots Surf Competition

Victoria Lise Captures Scenes from Junior NSSA

This was not a scene I was familiar with shooting which made it even more of an adventure. Everything moves so quickly and a new shot presents itself each moment. So much momentum and adrenaline for all.

Victoria Lise Captures A Wave Rider

Victoria Lise Photographs Young Surfer Catching Wave

Victoria Lise Captures Surfer Riding Wave

Victoria Lise Captures End of a Surfers Ride

Victoria Lise Photographs Junior NSSA Santa Cruz

Is surfing something you would try or have tried?

I absolutely love surfing even though I’m not great at it! I have always felt at home in the ocean and started surfing around age 12. It was never something I did everyday and now living in the mountains, surfing isn’t exactly accessible so when the opportunity presents itself, I jump on and ride (more like get thrashed but same good fun)! 

Thanks for joining me here! xo ♥

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One Comment

  1. Debi walls

    I’ve tried surfing I can’t seem to stand up on that board but I do like however watching is good for me now I remember watching Tori and Ripleytrying to surf at Dewey beach de in a oncoming hurricane they looked like drowned rats when the surf hit them I’m not a fan of being the only spectator on the beach but they had fun so if it swells ride that wave

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