Spring in The Rocky Mountains

It happened nearly overnight! Spring, that is. Early spring in the West Elks was windy, wet, and chilly leaving many of us to long for the warmth we basked in on our off-season vacations. Well, our wishes have been granted. Warm weather, wildflowers, lush green landscape, and long-lasting days have arrived at least for a few glorious months.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Indian Paintbrush WildflowerVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Close up Indian Paintbrush

My husband, the dog, and I ventured out Monday evening to play in the light of the magic hour and find the beginning blooms of wildflower season. We took a one lane dirt road for miles stopping to frolic and photograph the breathtaking scenery.  It was one of those nights artists write songs or poems about.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Dog in flower fieldVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Dirt RoadVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Man amongst a Sage Field

The air was warm to the bare skin, crisp and easy to breathe. The sun illuminated the land in its golden hue and made even more vibrant the fields of paintbrushes, mules ears, and larkspur. Rain fell lightly and pleasantly, a rainbow showed its colors, and the moon appeared in a deepening blue sky.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Wildflowers with Mountain Backdrop

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Dances with the Sunset

My husband has equal interest in photography so we alternate between subject and photographer quite a bit. It gives me a chance to brush up on my old modeling techniques and create in a contrasting way. As you can see Styx enjoys playing his part in all of this as well!

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo post Field of WildflowersVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Car Mirror Mountain Backdrop

The sun set over Red Mountain and casted an array of colors throughout the southern clouds.  We bounced down the road admiring the show and enticed to come back for more. For those in or near to the area this is the Almont Triangle/Jacks Cabin cut off-road. It is definitely worth a drive or hike through if you don’t have a 4X4 vehicle. The views and colors will not disappoint.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Red Mountain Sunset Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Spring Sunset

What is spring like where you live? 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Thank you all for joining me here! ♥

For more wildflower photos Wildflower Capital of Colorado

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  1. V! You used to model!?!? 😱😱
    That makes so much sense, you stunning, stunning woman.

    And once again, your writing is so poetic. Your posts are always such a pleasure to read. ❤️

    Spring is warm, and fresh here in Australia. Just 3 months of Winter to go. 🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did! It almost seems like another lifetime ago but in reality it was just about 4 years ago haha. Then I decided I wanted more creative say within shoots so I started to explore photography more in depth. Now I’s like to combine the two and maybe pursue some modeling again.

      Thank you so much, Linda!! It takes on to know one ya know! I am so grateful you enjoy and appreciate my writing! Truly means a whole bunch! X

      Winter doesn’t look too harsh where you are in Australia, at least not yet ay? We usually have 6-8 months of winter here!!! Its mad!!


  2. Beautiful…makes me miss Colorado! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Debi walls

    My beautiful kids in a beautiful land don’t get know better than that kid!!!!🌈🐾😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You found some beautiful Indian Paintbrush clusters. Very nice! I haven’t been up to the alpine meadows yet. Last year there was pink and yellow paintbrush there at the end of July.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, last year for the first time I saw pink paintbrush! I was thrilled. The wildflowers are so wonderful.


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