Camping and Pinterest

You know those days or weeks that seem like ginormous mountains? So much to do, only so much time, deadlines, lists that seem never-ending, nothing goes as planned and you just try to keep some sort of balance so you don’t walk around looking inebriated? Well, that has been my week in a nutshell. Just as I was finally getting ready to make this post, something I have been patiently waiting to find a spare minute to do, my internet browser shut me out and down and wouldn’t re-open. Can you see me pulling my hair out now? Ok I’m being dramatic but I have had an exceptionally trying week.  So instead of showcasing more of my photography and adventures I thought I’d share the realness of my week and seek Pinterest advice (ha).
Victoria Lise Headstand at Reservoir
If you can’t get out of your head, get on it! 
My husband and I own a property management/maintenance company and we have 2 peak seasons in our tourist based town, summer and winter. Although one may believe winter to be our busiest season for the snow sport enthusiast, anymore summer is jammin’ (think Bob Marley) with mountain bikers, hikers, wildflower viewers, photographers and wanderers. So we usually have to hire extra hands to help us get through the busy times. However, many times our help has put us further behind than helped us to get ahead. So it was this week. Nearly every job took 3 times longer than it should have and others had to be completely redone making it so our work load grew significantly. We made it through and looking back it wasn’t as bad as it seemed but as many of you can probably relate, when you’re in a situation it can be tough to see around it.

Victoria Lise Dogs at Play

Which brings me to camping and Pinterest;

Or should I say glamping? My husband, Alex and I (and our dog, Styx) are going about an hour and a half into the woods to help a friend of ours work on his cabin. Think more along the lines of a tiny house than a cabin. Now, I’m the outdoorsy type and have become more so since living in Colorado. I also enjoy the adventure of camping but when I heard we were going for 4 nights and painting a.k.a. doing laborious tasks I wasn’t feeling the wanderlust, carefree, can’t wait vibe.
So my incredibly sweet, accommodating husband took it upon himself to find a tent that is probably the size of a tiny house itself  (it has a closet) and a high quality air mattress that has a bed frame making room for storage underneath.  I have to laugh as I reread that. When we first met we didn’t even use a tent to camp so the irony is humorous. I’m actually hoping we won’t pick up cell reception as I could really use a few days away from emails and social platforms. A chance to absorb natures energy and play with my camera equipment. So now I am anticipating going glamping and hope my tent looks as bohemian chic as the ones you find on Pinterest!


After being perplexed for months as to what Pinterest even was (yes, I’m behind the times) I dove in and created a page. I added a DIY board and started following interesting pages (?) but other than that I’m lost in wonderland. So I’m seeking your advice! What are the best ways to utilize Pinterest? Do you use #hashtags? Do you link your blog to the page itself or within each individual photo? I am super grateful for any light you can shed!

Victoria Lise and Husband Do AcroYoga


Alright my dear friends I am signing off for now. Onto walking the pup, a little evening yoga, and potentially a glass of rose` if I don’t pass out before then that is.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
As always, thank you for joining me here!
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P.s. The lake photos are from last weekend that I mentioned in Sweet Potato French Fries


  1. Debi walls

    Well written my dear life always brings change that’s one thing you can count on love you be safe in the wilderness

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  2. Love the acro yoga pictures! So much stillness and harmony 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate you saying so!! x

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