Victoria Lise Tropical Laguna Beach Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset

Some of you may have picked up (by now) on my love of the light, in particular, the setting sun. My first word actually happened to be light, so who knows if there is some sort of correlation. While on our trip we were graced with 2 weeks of sunsets and a colorful, changing horizon. Before arriving in Laguna I had read about the incredible coastline sunsets that illuminated the pacific ocean and painted the sky in kaleidoscope colors. They weren’t kidding and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Whether you’re a photographer, fashion blogger, light-chaser, explorer, or evening beach-goer add Laguna Beach to your  list of places you must pass through.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset California

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Reflecting On Ocean

Our hotel sat right along the beach, just a few steps through a fragrant rose garden and down a few stairs to the sand. Each evening as the minutes passed Laguna became more and more like a far-off tropical island. Sand, sea, and sky met in the humid, salty air. Like an elixir, it was entrancing and energizing.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Orange Skies and Palm Trees

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Wave Splashing Against Rocks

All along Laguna’s coast are tide pools, cliffs, sea caves, and all sorts of treasures that could easily be overlooked if just traveling through the hills and general city area. April seemed to be a great month for avoiding crowds which I understand grow to great numbers during peak summer season. The weather was still warm during the days and nights not yet hot but comfortable and welcoming.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Lights Up the Sky

The light show seemed to play in slow motion. As the sun lowered a spectrum of colors appeared scattered throughout the evening sky. Silky yellows, sorbet pinks, sultry purples, and amber hues of orange danced across the horizon. The sound of crashing waves played in the background luring one to get lost in the moment.

Victoria Lise Sunset on Laguna Beach California

Victoria Lise Looks at Laguna Beach Sunset

Isn’t it wonderful when your dreams become your reality? When you’re not sure where one ends and one begins. Where dreams and reality mesh into an ocean of one. ‘Living the Dream’ you could say. That’s not to say we do away with our responsibilities as stewards of this planet but respectively embrace both our responsibilities and our depth of passions. The duality of nature.  The nature of duality.

Victoria Lise California Laguna Beach Sunset

Victoria Lise Tropical Laguna Beach Sunset

Lets leave this place better than we found it;

  Remember to leave no trace wherever you travel. It is vital to pick up after ourselves and even others have they left something behind. Footprints and nothing else. ♥
Wishing you all an easy, enjoyable week ahead!
Thank you for joining me here x
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