Fear, Fireworks, and Fun

Hi my friends, I’ve missed you! Please don’t mind my catching up on all of your fun adventures over the last couple of weeks (aka blowing up your spot). I had no intention of letting so much time pass but life isn’t always predictable now is it? I flew back east to my place of origin (Delaware) on a last-minute trip to be with my dad after another heart surgery.  While I could download the WordPress app (there is such a thing, yes?) well, my phones storage is maxed out leaving me no extra room to download it anyhow.

Victoria Lise East Coast Orange Sunset

My dad was in the intensive care unit for a racing heartbeat. Just 6 months ago he had two separate surgeries after experiencing a two-day heart attack over the Christmas holiday. The damage done to his heart from Decembers attack left him in need of a dual valve defibrillator. Basically it will shock his heart should it stop and slow it down next time it beats to rapidly.  It also sends readings to his doctors so they are frequently in the know about whats going on and alerted should any changes or concerns arise. I was definitely alarmed by the whole ordeal but my dad handled everything like the champ he is.  And the doctors, nurses, and staff were really wonderful in all regards. They answered my ongoing list of questions, explained how the ED operates, and encouraged my dad on his path to recovery.  I usually lean toward holistic medicine unless western medicine proves absolutely necessary as it was in this situation. So, it may go without saying but, I am beyond grateful for western medicine and the technology allowing my dad to live a quality life.  It truly is a game, I mean, life changer.

Victoria Lise Fireworks Wilmington Delaware

So other than doctors appointments, nurses home visits and all things post-op care, I did get the opportunity to soak up a few warm summer sunsets, catch a firework show, visit the river I spent many hours rowing on, meet my 6 week old cousin who is everything good and right in this world, and spend quality time with members of my very large family. It was everything I needed during a time of increased uncertainty and vulnerability. It is wild how an instant can alter not only ones perspective but ones life. I was reminded of our incredible resiliency but also just how fragile we are. The duality of all things.

Victoria Lise Hometown Wilmington Delaware City Line

Two days after my return from Delaware, my mom and her partner ventured out to Colorado for a mini vacation. We went boating on Blue Mesa Reservoir, drove over the slate river on Daisy Pass, watched the full buck moon rise over the West Elk mountains, road our bikes or ‘townies’ as they’re called here, explored local cuisine and most importantly enjoyed each others company.  When living long distance from family it can be bittersweet to say so long not knowing exactly when you will see each other again. Time flies and before you know it the moment becomes a memory. However, there is nothing sweeter than time well spent with those well-loved. Quality not quantity, right?

Victoria Lise On Bike In CB Colorado

So here I am excited to get back at it and reconnect with all of you here!
 I would love for you to share with me your favorite blogs/sites! Who/what inspires you?! Art, poetry, food, fashion, photography, adventure, self-exploration, advocacy, any kind of expressionism, whatever it is, please feel free to share with me below ♥
How great is it that this platform allows so many brilliant, kind-hearted, fascinating individuals and ideas to come together?!
As always, thank you for joining me here xo

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  1. heidiwilliams89 on Instagram.
    And you, you inspire me.

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    1. As you do me my dear! xo


  2. Sounds like you’ve been living quite the adventure! Love the photos!


    1. Thanks Courtney! Life is quite the adventure itself isn’t it?! Loving your outfits from your cruise! xo

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  3. Oh V. I am so so sorry to hear about your dad. But I am delighted that he is on the mend and that you got to spend such quality time with your beautiful family – and in your home town no less!

    Obviously, this goes without saying, it’s good to have you back. The blogging community missed you. ❤️☺️

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    1. You really are too sweet, Linda! Thank you so very much, I am (as you could probably imagine) incredibly relieved that he is doing so well! It sure was wonderful to spend such precious time with the ones I love. As you know it all goes so quickly! X

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  4. Debi walls

    I love ur blog Tori life is good

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