Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Crested Butte, Colorado

Scenes from a fairytale are often what we are graced with living on the Western Slope of Colorado. Mid-summers usually bring afternoon rain, thunderstorms, and rainbows that make even the long time locals pause in wondrous awe. In the nearly 10 years I’ve been around this area, natures magnificence  has never ceased to amaze me and I am certain that’s what has kept me here.
Nature has always been a vital ingredient to my well-being, a nurturer and constant guide through any and all times. I haven’t found words adequate enough to describe in whole my relationship with nature, the outdoors, and animals. Its something felt through the heart language. But because I receive many questions about why I would choose to live where I do I thought I would answer the most frequently asked questions below. ♥

Victoria Lise Rainbow Over Dirt Road in Crested Butte

Q: Do you ever feel lost living so remotely and far off from family?

A: I have definitely experienced moments where I wished my family were in closer distance (the majority of my family is 1,800 miles away) and times where I’ve felt far away from the ‘real world’. Crested Butte is often referred to as never, never land and can certainly feel worlds away from life outside of the 9 block town with no stop lights, and a speed limit of 15 mph (that’s just scratching the surface).  However, in coming here (at the ripe age of 18) I had found myself and found my home. I had found a sense of belonging within myself as well as in the indescribable nature surrounding me. So I would say I was lost upon arrival but found my true north during the adventure.

Victoria Lise Rainbow Overtop Mt. Crested Butte

Q: Why would you choose to live there knowing the extreme winter conditions? 

A: To be honest this question always stumps me a little. Before moving here I would have told you I hated the cold, I was moving somewhere warm, and I despised winter. Let me tell you how glad I am that I did not allow those thoughts to keep me from experiencing life outside of what I knew. I gained a great appreciation for winter even started to enjoy it and get excited when the snow began to fall. The environment and lifestyle were so entirely different from where I was raised that I immersed myself in learning not only how to survive (ugg boots weren’t going to cut it) but learn about the weather conditions, patterns, potential dangers, and radical snow fun. It was like passing someone by in the school hallway whom you didn’t really care for then suddenly finding intrigue and eventually growing a bond with depth. And had I passed up winter I would have missed summer, fall and well, rainbow season! So I shovel, ski, and snowboard my way through winter to get me through to the wildflowers and rainbows.

Victoria Lise Rainbow Season in Crested Butte

Q: What do you like most about where you live? 

A: Access to acreage by the millions of wide open space right outside our door. That’s always first to come to mind. And something that would be painful to give up If I had to. Also, the extreme lifestyle is something that has grown on me. I would have never climbed a mountain over 13,000 ft in Delaware or shoveled 300+ inches of snow from windows and roofs. Those happenings made me stronger, more capable, and forced me to recognize that I was both. I could say much more but something I just can’t leave out are the dirt roads. If we’ve been friends on Instagram for a while or even WordPress you may have picked up on my interest in photographing western Americana roads, particularly, the unpaved single tracks.

Victoria Lise Black Crow Flies Under Vibrant Rainbow

Q: Does the wildlife scare you? “Lions, tigers, & bears, Oh My!”

A: No, not so far at least. We’ve had a bear on our deck before, stumbled upon a huge white rocky mountain goat atop Gothic mountain, walked with foxes, crossed paths with Elk and big horn sheep and had coyotes come near our fire. I’ve never felt extreme fear just startled at first and a little nervous until I recollect my breath. I am sure I would feel more than a little nervous should I run into a moose, mama bear, or mountain lion face to-face. That may change things up but as we all or most of us know that would (or very likely could) make the situation turn sour rather quickly.

Victoria Lise Rainbow Season Bird flies Under Dark Skies

Q: Is there a mall close by?

A: Close by as in 4 hours? I believe that is how close by an actual shopping mall is to Crested Butte. That is completely shocking to some but I don’t really mind. Having been so removed from consumerism here (we have one street with stores, no franchises and most sell outdoorwear) made it so I often don’t enjoy shopping in stores should I have the chance. However, should I need or want something my go to online sites are Amazon and Revolve.

Victoria Lise Rainbow Glows Over Crested Butte

I hope you all enjoyed this series of photos as well as FAQ & A’s. I certainly enjoyed capturing the transformation of light, and sky as well as answering long-standing questions! Feel free to keep them coming!

As always, thank you for joining me here! I appreciate you all so much ♥

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  1. Debi walls

    Somewhere over that rainbow is my Tori Alex and styxie thank u god

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    1. You were here at that time also xoxo


  2. Wow – amazing and fascinating insight Victoria.. Just one more question.. what took you there at the age of 18? (You don’t have to answer.. ) Sorry I’ve not been over for a while, I’ve been a bit ‘off line’ recently following a bereavement.. Hopefully I’m getting ‘back on track’.. xx

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    1. Hi Wendy, I am so sorry you are in a time of loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Sometimes the track takes us elsewhere for a bit but I have no doubt you will be back in your true fashion and more brilliant than ever before!

      I came here at 18 to heal, really. I used college as a means to bridge my transition so I would have housing and meals while I figured things out. I grew up with an oppressor and didn’t have much of a relationship with either of my parents at the time. I really needed the space to be on my own and thought removing myself completely from what I knew would help me nurture myself. It did, greatly. I hope to share more about this and how I overcame the anxiety and depression that went along with it soon. I only lasted a semester in college as I found my healing journey required much more of my time and energy than I predicted but that time has served me so well. I built a very strong foundation! Thanks for asking, Wendy! I appreciate the dialogue so much! Xx

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      1. Well thank you so much for sharing your journey Victoria as that can’t have been easy …. It sounds like you did the best thing and taking yourself away from an oppressive situation and out into a beautiful natural environment where you could start to rebuild your strength and enjoy the simplicity of nature and gain a sense of freedom was a very wise and mature decision to make at just 18.. I’m sure that inner wisdom is serving your best interests. Wow – I’m very touched that you shared this with me Victoria – thank you!! Sending you much love and a VERY big hug. Our paths were definitely meant to cross… xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much, Wendy! It has served me well and I have never regretted taking the time to get to know myself. I am so glad the universe crossed our life paths! Good things coming xx

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      3. Wow – you are one strong and lovely lady! Yep – good things are definitely on the horizon.. xx

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  3. What a beautiful rainbow! I imagine it must be hard to live far from family, but also a blessing to live in such an incredible area with so much land, space, and adventurous things to do!


  4. As a fellow Colorado resident, there’s nothing quite like a Colorado rainbow. Thanks for sharing and for swinging by the “Ranch.” 🌈

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    1. You are so right! You got it, thank you for checking out my work, I appreciate it! Happy trails

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  5. Excellent photography. So beautiful as to be very nearly painful to those of us who love exploring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much, Jake! I am truly grateful you appreciate my work. That is probably the kindest comment I’ve received. Thanks again!

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