Christina River Wilmington, DE

My friends, we are almost through another week. Summer is cruising by making me want to jet-set off like the surfers in Endless Summer. This summer has been an exceptionally quick one leaving just moments to take in the warm air, the birds sweet songs and the whimsical, short-lived wildflowers. My husband and I have been blessed with many projects and long hours of work this season (shoot, I say that every season) leaving very little time for all of the adventure we have had in the seasons passed. Everyday is an adventure but not always the one at the top of our list. Our busy, busy season will begin to fizzle out shortly, giving us more time for mountain expeditions and arctic lakes. Nonetheless we’ve sun chased and moon-danced each moment, capturing stills as often as we can. So while visiting home just a few weeks ago, I was able to visit the river I spent countless hours on. I am always thrilled to have a look at a place through a different lens. And watch a sunset from a different angle.

Victoria Lise Wilmington Delaware City line along Christina River

My teen years (14-18) were spent primarily on this river. 4-5 days a week practicing with my 8 woman crew, and every weekend we raced in early morning regattas. When you spend that much time with a place you develop a level of intimacy, a relationship of sorts. It was a bit nostalgic, in the best way, to walk and be present in a place I once knew so well. Like an old friend, we had plenty to catch up on.

Victoria Lise Sunset reflection on Christina River

If you’re local to Delaware or frequent the area often, The Wilmington Riverfront is really like an oasis in the concrete desert. It is a wonderful 3-ish mile (back and forth) stretch along the Christina River luring visitors to admire the softness of the river, the city skyline, and the lush landscapes manicured in recent years. Along the riverwalk you will find shops, a boathouse, an interactive park for kids, wetlands for bird watching, and restaurants offering palatable and pleasing cuisine for all. You might even catch a few crews stroking the river, in fact it is pretty likely you will. The Riverfront also hosts a free summertime concert series, is home to the Kalmar Nyckel as well as the Blue Rocks baseball team. You can learn more and find a slew of other activities and fundraisers on their website.

Victoria Lise Wilmington city skyline along Christina river at sunset

Well, that’s it from me today friends. I hope your week has been full of wondrous moments making you brim with happiness. If not, there’s always tomorrow! 

As always, thank you so much for joining me here ♥

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  1. Debi walls

    Remembering the things in life that grounded you is priceless

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