Lily Lake Crested Butte, CO

Hi my friends! A whole week has passed since I’ve been able to be present on the blogosphere. The mountains were calling and as you know I had to answer the call. Family had also arrived in West Colorado over the weekend occupying my time in the greatest ways possible. It is such an honor to share my home, a place so incredibly special to me, with those I treasure immeasurably. If we’re connected on Instagram you probably saw some of our shenanigans throughout the week on my stories. Lily Lake wasn’t on this weekends agenda (we went to Emerald Lake  & Cinnamon Mountain) however it was too beautiful not to share with you all here.

Lily pads on Lily Lake Colorado Blooming lily on Lily Lake Colorado

Lily Lake is somewhere over 10,000 feet above sea level but the gain is not extreme as you begin close to the altitude of the lake itself. When I saw the wooden sign etched with the name ‘Lily Lake’ I envisioned wild land lilies but was pleasantly surprised upon seeing waterlilies and lily pads! A scene I had never witnessed by natures hand alone. The water was dark, deep, and still. Yellow blooming lilies reflected off of the mirror like lake and the dragonflies wings sounded of an acoustic serenade. A mountain melody if you will.

Lily pads contrast against dark water. Lily Lake Reflection of a blooming lily Lily Lake Colorado

The land surrounding the lake is marsh like with tall grass and thick muck. And as you could imagine with that comes unwanted bugs like mosquitos. A few hundred feet above the lake sits solid ground and a wide open meadow encompassed in pines of different heights. We stoked a fire to keep bugs at bay and keep warm in the coolness of the afternoon rain. The scents, sounds, and sights were almost overwhelming and my gratitude for life, overflowing.

Lily Lake and surrounding pines Dreagonfly in tall grass at Lily Lake

Surprisingly, we saw just 3 other people while we were there. Shocking almost for an August weekend afternoon especially after how many people we crossed trail with when venturing to the  Crystal Mill. It opened up the perfect opportunity for us to just relax in the quite of the mountains and take in the magic of the place we call home.

Lily Lake Crested Butte, COSwimmer in Lily Lake with onlooking dog

My husband rarely passes up an icy cold plunge, I however sat this one out. Truthfully, I thought the lake smelled badly until I realized it was our dog who had tickled his own fancy and rolled in something not so pleasant. Dogs will be dogs! The day was overcast with glimpses of sunshine between heavy clouds giving me an array of lighting to work with, a challenge (or blessing) I always welcome.  It was just another one of those memorable days in the Rocky Mountains. Too many to count but never to many to continue!

Blooming lilies on Lily Lake Colorado

I hope you all enjoyed the adventure to Lily Lake! I love bringing you all with me!

What do you think? Would you jump in?

As always, thank you for joining me here♥

Until next time, Happy trails..

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  1. AMAZING!!! As usual – stunning photos and your writing – – so creative and beautiful!!!! Thanks beautiful and yes I would jump in although the muck thing sorta scares me!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much!! I think I will jump in next time meaning next summer haha! xo


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