A sea of autumns color in Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Trees Of Colorful Colorado

Fall of 2017 has inspired me in many ways. I have never experienced a fall season quite so grand and never so intimately. After an incredibly busy summer I took much-needed time to spend immersed in natures bounty. It couldn’t have aligned more perfectly as autumn of 2017 here in west Colorado has been absolutely sublime, doused with more color than I ever recall in previous years. The contrast between Aspen and Pine is an aesthetic that will continue to amaze and bewilder me, igniting my senses and tickling my spirit. The trees needed a spotlight all of their own to highlight what life is like colored by Colorado.

A grove of golden Aspens in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017Deep green pine tree in focus and a background of colorful Aspens. Victoria Lise 2017Layers of Autumn color in Colorado's high country. Victoria Lise 2017The contrast between Aspen and Pine trees un autumn. Victoria Lise 2017Mt. Crested Butte peeking out behind the fall foliage. Victoria Lise 2017Bright yellow aspens, dark green pines, vibrant blue sky. Victoria Lise 2017A sea of autumns color in Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017A golden Aspen quaking and shedding leaves. Victoria Lise 2017 A tall aspen colony loosing ints fall color. Victoria Lise 2017Colored by Colorado. Fall 2017 Victoria LiseFall in a wheat field. Victoria Lise 2017A window to the trees. Ohio Creek. Victoria Lise 2017A hawk floats above the fall foliage. Victoria Lise 2017

Did you know Aspen groves are singular organisms? All one root system and each tree a genetic replicate! So interesting, right?!

What’s your favorite tree? Do Aspens grow where you live?

As always, thank you for joining me here♥

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22 thoughts on “Trees Of Colorful Colorado

  1. This post and photos made my heart so happy because they perfectly demonstrate the immense beauty of nature. We do not have many Aspen trees here in England, but when I lived in Russia I remember seeing plenty especially in the countryside and they always created such a breathtaking autumnal landscape. xox

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    1. You made my day, Maria! And made my heart happy through your incredibly, kind, genuine comment of appreciation! That is interesting. I didn’t know them to grow in Russia but thinking about it I can see the climate would cultivate growth for them. Maybe I will get to see them one day for myself in Russia. I love trees of all kinds. xx

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    1. Thanks so much, Diner! I love that shot too! He was just floating on the wind with the perfect backdrop. So excited to have captured a glimpse of a super cool moment! Yes, they are abundant these days!


    1. Thank you so much, Denise! I believe Gunnison’s cottonwoods have lingering color as well, we are totally bare in CB but beautiful nonetheless. Yes, I am right there with you! Time to process. Wishing you a great week ahead!


  2. Wow – these really are spectacular Victoria. What an amazing sight to behold – even in a photo – I can’t imagine how incredible it must be to see them in reality! Have a brilliant week xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you’re right Victoria – if they didn’t change, they’d wither and their colour would dull – we’d take it all for granted. Yes magical is definitely the right word… xx

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