Colored By Colorado | Day to Dusk

While the colors of fall seem to have shifted to golden grass and bare aspens I am still reeling in the vibrancy of this seasons colors. We had our first snow fall that blanketed the valley in nearly 8 inches of fresh white snow. Although the mountain peaks had been dusted in white for a few weeks prior it hadn’t yet affected the leaves below tree-line until the temperatures dropped bringing the snow down to 8, 885 feet. Our days are sunny and warm but the jaw dropping landscapes filled with color are behind us as we draw closer to winters season. It’s hard to believe I was worried about autumns approach when I would now consider it a highlight of 2017.  Below I’ve showcased some of my favorite spots during the bright light of day and soft, warm evening light. Whether fall has touched down by you yet or not I hope you’re still in the mood for more of colorful Colorado!


A dirt road in the Colorado mountains during fall of 2017. Victoria LiseColorful Colorado fall 2017. Victoria LiseWhetstone mountain Colorado during autumn 2017. Victoria LiseKebler Pass Fall 2017. Victoria LiseKebler pass colorful Colorado 2017. Victoria LiseThe colorful trees of Kebler Pass, Colorado. Victoria LiseThe river runs through. Aspens during peak of fall. Victoria Lise


Colorful Colorado at dusk. Autumn 2017 Victoria Lise Dusk falls on autumns leaves. Victoria Lise 2017An array of falls color. Colorado 2017. Victoria LiseThe light of dusk during autumn in Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017 Last light on Colorado mountains. Autumn 2017. Victoria LiseLayers of mountains and fall colors. Colorado 2017. Victoria LiseA sea of golden Aspen trees. Colorado 2017 Victoria LiseEven the roads are colorful in Colorado. 2017 Victoria Lise

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of colorful Colorado. Do you like the light of mid-day or dusk more?

As always, thank you for joining me here♥

In the mood for leaf peepin’ ? Check out Trees Of Colorful Colorado! Or take a summit adventure Fall Hike: Teocalli Mountain, Colorado

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  1. Wow 😍 I want to be there so bad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a great place to visit or live!


  2. I like mid-day but most certainly enjoy them all!

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    1. I like you more hen either of them !! xo


  3. Debi walls

    Wow!!!!!! I love the colors at dusk great eye Tori u have captured the scenery perfectly in all its splendor job well done ⭐️🌟🌲

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  4. Beautiful photos Victoria. Looking forward to seeing your snow photos this winter. We got about 5 inches last night but I only admired it from inside. There will be plenty more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much, Denise! Wow, thats a nice little amount of snow! We have yet to see much in town but the high country has been covered for the last couple of weeks. It has still be relatively warm here during the days which is different than I remember from previous years but maybe its just that we have less snow than we than I remember. Hope you have a great weekend!


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