Moody Mountain Days

Any Coloradoan will tell you to be prepared for any weather. It is likely to experience all four seasons in one day in the centennial state and it’s aways best to dress in layers. Lately, we’ve had nothing but bluebird days (as they say) and warm temperatures for this late in October, especially on the western slope. However, just a few weeks ago the weather was quite moody if you will, more clouds than blue sky, cooler temperatures and deeper tones. Snow has fallen on the peaks and within the valley but much of it has melted throughout the warm, sunshine drenched days.  What lies in the days ahead as far as weather goes I’m not sure, only the clouds of tomorrow will tell, should there be any at all. The aspen trees now stand bare but still tall and the landscape resembles more of a high desert fall.  The misty mountain days of mid-fall were some of the better ones, adding a different ambiance than that of the first or last light of day.

The Road to Fall. Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Kebler Pass
Just over this pass (which turns to dirt shortly after this) there is an active coal mine that will be expanding its production. 146 oil wells have also been approved on this beautiful land. One hundred and forty-six! I can’t fully comprehend what that might look like or the incredible impact it all will have.

Colorful Colorado Aspen grove. Victoria Lise 2017Kebler pass, Colorado during fall season. Victoria Lise 2017Change of seasons, Kebler pass, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017West Elk Mountains of Colorado doing fall season. Victoria Lise 2017Anthracite Range on a stormy fall day, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Anthracite Range

Mt. Baldy above a sea of golden aspens, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Mt. Baldy

The town Of Crested Butte below Mt. Axtell during fall. Victoria Lise 2017

Mt. Axtell

Paradise Divide, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Paradise Divide

Red Lady, Crested Butte, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Red Lady

Gothic Mountain and Mt. Baldy, Crested Butte, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Mt. Baldy & Gothic Mountain

First snow on Paradise Divide, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

First Snow On Paradise Divide

Fall below Gothic Mountain, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Well, my friends, I hope you enjoyed the changing landscape in the high country of Colorado. Matted prints will soon be available for purchase so please share if there are any in particular you would like to see printed!

As always, thank you for joining me here♥

You are appreciated and your feed back valued!

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