Mt. Princeton Hotspring Adventure

Earlier this week we found ourselves enjoying a different part of Colorado. A change of scenery can be nice and a closer look at unfamiliar mountains, always exciting. Add in a hot spring, steam room, and a juice bar and it’s a luxury retreat in the mountains. Mt. Princeton was exceptional in every way, from the pristine, relaxing environment, health oriented meals, and courteous, friendly staff ready to go above and beyond for their guests. Overnight guests have access to the relaxation pool, Japanese cascading pools, steam room, sauna as well as the exercise pool, chalk river, fitness room/classes and historic bath house.

Mt. Princeton and Yucca plants. Victoria Lise 2017.

As much as I would have liked to take more photos I was very content soaking hands free  (and holding my husbands) in the Chalk river. A river I was enthralled by. You build your own pool with river rocks letting in cool water from the flowing river or blocking it to keep a warmer temperature. The warmth of the pools and river can be appreciated long into the evening, (until 10 or 11 p.m.) and should not be missed. Underneath a clear, star-blanketed Rocky Mountain sky with steam rising from the earth heated waters and the sound of moving water from the Chalk river, one can feel the depth of natures nurturing essence.

Mt. Princeton Hotspring Resort. Victoria Lise 2017

The resort offers a myriad of lodging and is indeed pet friendly! As you know we only go if Styx can go! I must also mention that their bath products are cruelty free and non-toxic which receives a huge thumbs up in my book. The panoramic views are in true Colorado fashion, breathtaking, surrounded by 14,000 ft mountains and nestled within a high desert landscape. Having been to quite a few of Colorado’s hot springs, Mt. Princeton without a doubt or complaint takes the lead for favorite. It is what is reads on the door leading to the relaxation pool, a healing environment. Every inch of the experience felt so.

Sunrise above Mt. Princeton Resort. 2017Victoria Lise in Chalk River. Mt. Princeton Hotspring Resort.Victoria Lise and husband in Chalk River.Victoria Lise relaxing in Chalk river.Chalk cliffs in distance. Victoria Lise 2017

If you ever have the chance to visit Mt. Princeton HotSprings for yourself, you should definitely do so! It does not disappoint!

Have you ever been to a hot-spring? Maybe you’ve been to Mt. Princeton or have your own favorite Colorado hot spring?! Please share with me below!

Thank you for joining me here ♥

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  1. I have never been to a hot spring before but I am infinitely jealous of this because it sounds just like the type of thing I would love, especially the ability to stay in the river as it gets dark and the sky fills with stars. As always, the photos are beautiful:) xox

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    1. Thank you so very much, Maria! It was truly a remarkable experience maybe even more so for the easily overstimulated of anyone in need of peace and quiet! I hope you can experience something like it sometime soon! Wishing you a great week ahead! Xo


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