Marmalade Skies over Whetstone. Victoria Lise 2017

Backdoor Sunset

While we’re still waiting for the snow to fly over our end of the western slope, the palette of the late evenings skies have been heart-stirring. Even the sunrises have been overwhelmingly moving and spine-tingling but gone within a moments notice. You may remember my post(s) from last winter Too Much of a Good Thing or Crested Butte Buried in the West Elks , how utterly shocking it was to be under 300+ inches of snow in a matter of weeks, even for a town that loves snow. This year is completely opposite and entirely shocking in its own right. Never have I witnessed grass, or bare roads or even bushes in mid December. However strange it may be, Colorado’s beauty is sensational, indeed.

Sunset Over Western Gunnison County.Victoria Lise 2017Marmalade Skies over Whetstone. Victoria Lise 2017

As I trotted our dog, Styx down the dirt road outside of our house, I watched the colors ripen in the sky before us. Having no camera or phone to capture the quickening show I thought we’d miss our window for shooting. The length of the walk home was doused in colors only nature could generate. I was sure the opportunity had passed as we arrived home but I grabbed my camera and the truck keys in anticipation. To my delight the sky became a kaleidoscope of electrifying colors, spreading across Whetstone, Axtell, and Red Lady with vivid intensity. It was too good just outside our house that I really couldn’t risk getting in the truck and actually missing it. So I settled for the sunset out my backdoor and was quite thrilled with what I saw.

Tangerine Skies Over Whetstone. Victoria Lise 2017

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and last days of fall as we approach a brand new year!

Thank you all for joining me here and be sure to check out the artists from last weeks post Small Business Saturday! Tomorrow is the last day to order to guarantee shipping for the holiday! ♥


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