Where’s The Snow, Colorado?

Happy 2018! All that hype and now we’re here! New Years can feel like standing in two states at the same time, don’t ya think? Now we’re two days passed the threshold but there’s no need to rush, we can resolve to be here now. Here on the western slope of Colorado we’ve had just two small snow storms this winter, an astonishing difference to the 350+ inches of snowfall we had last winter. No digging out windows or jumping off of roofs into pillowy snow piles. So with a snow storm, however heavy, brings much excitement to the townspeople and tourist right now. The days have peaked at temperatures as high as 44 degrees melting the snow at a rapid rate. I managed to snap these photos as the storm was moving out which just happened to make room for the colors of evenings sky.

Pine trees dusted in snow. Victoria Lise 2017Cabin in the snowy mountains. Victoria Lise 2017Fresh snow on an alpine lake. Victoria Lise 2017

Good news: we have snow forecasted for this weekend! Who knows just how much will fall but I can only hope it’s enough for my husband to use his new split board. He has waited years to get one and of course the year it happens there’s no snow in Colorado! It’s like having no sand at the beach, it really makes one wonder!

Sunset over Gothic Mountain, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017Fresh snow on Mineral Point. Crested Butte, Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017Sunset over Paradise Divide. Western Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

 I hope your transition to the New Year has been as seamless and as beautifully colored as days transition to evening. Be gentle with yourself.

Thank you for joining me here and until next time,

Happy Trails ♥

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  1. No snow in Cali either!

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    1. There’s a good amount in the eastern states but skipping the west I guess! Yikes!

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  2. I need to visit Colorado sometime because your photos always take my breath away! And it’s strange because if we had that amount of snow in the UK the entire country would shut down :’) Hoping you have good luck with getting more snow at the weekend! Happy 2018 ❤

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    1. Yes, I hope you get the opportunity to do so! It is an incredible place doused in magic! That is funny and very relative to the state I grew up, a little snow caused a whole lot of chaos! Thank you so much, Maria! Best wishes to you x

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  3. I could see the West Elks from the Delta area yesterday and it looked like they have more snow than this side. Good for you for getting out there and making these beautiful images. As of now we have a chance for snow on Saturday and I am praying we’ll get it … yes, a big difference from last year!

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    1. Thanks so much, Denise! Hoping to get out and do some hiking this weekend if I find a break in my work schedule. It’s been cold so the snow is sticking around woohoo! Hoping the snow falls for us all!!

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  4. Debi walls

    The snow and cold are in delaware brrrrrrrr❄️☃️🌨💨

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    1. Yes, all over the east coast! Colder than Iceland apparently, stay warm!! xo


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