Eagle eye contact. ©VictoriaLise 2017.

Bald Eagle of Colorado

I am so excited to share these captures with you all! (P.s. I thought about writing “It is with great pleasure I bring you these..” or “You guyssss I’m so excited to share these..” but I settled for something in between. Just in case you thought you were alone in mulling things over in your head a few times, you’re not!) Ok back to it! This beautiful Bald Eagle sat perched just above the Gunnison River during the last days of 2017. It is common to see Bald Eagles in this area especially during the winter season as they fish along the river as well as around the local fish hatchery.  If you’ve been on the trail with me for a while now you may remember my captures of the Perched Bald Eagle which was photographed in the same vicinity as this majestic beauty. However, it was much further away and I was much newer with my camera at that time.

Blue Sky, Bald Eagle. ©Victoria Lise 2017Eagle waiting on pre. ©VictoriaLise 2017Eagle eye contact. ©VictoriaLise 2017.

A few weeks prior to capturing these photographs I stopped to snap a few stills of what I believe was the same Eagle. The bird was visibly disturbed by my presence and I genuinely felt bad for disrupting its day or hunt so I hurried on my way as the bird flew on its way simultaneously. It is obvious from these photographs this Eagle was also very aware of my presence and kept a close eye on me. I did my best to energetically communicate my intention but again kept the shooting at a minimum as to not be completely intrusive to the wildlife’s space.

Eagle perched on a Cottonwood tree. ©VictoriaLise2017Sitting, Waiting, Wishing on prey. Bald Eagle Of Colorado. ©VictoriaLise 2017

I felt deeply honored to share space with such a beautiful, wild creature and to have been given permission of sorts to capture the presence and stature of the Bald Eagle. If you’re interested I have started adding portfolio items on victorialise.com and the first project happens to be my Wildlife captures. Coyotes and fox and birds of prey, oh my!

Thank you all for joining me here and until next time…

Happy trails ♥

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22 thoughts on “Bald Eagle of Colorado

  1. Sometimes when I visit Russia and we go boating along more secluded parts of the river which runs near the city where I was born, we see truly majestic birds of prey but unfortunately never manage to catch them on camera! These photographs are so wonderful, seeing creatures such as these really makes one appreciate the diverse beauty of nature xox

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    1. I can relate to the difficulty of capturing them in a photograph, it can be so incredibly challenging to time wildlife shots! Thank you so very much for appreciating them! It was amazing to witness live and then again through the photos. Best to you xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a surreal moment! One of those moments I think quietly “wow, this is life, this is wonderful”! I felt very honored! Thanks so much, Miriam! Wishing you a wonderful weekend xx


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