Roads to Liberation

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your visions to reality. Wake up and live!” Bob Marley

As I have been organizing and sorting through my photos it has been impossible to ignore how many shots of the road I’ve accumulated.  I’ve mentioned here before my ongoing fascination for the open road in particular, dirt roads although they each hold their own sense of charm or character.  The open road often invokes a sense of adventure and welcomes one to explore the unknown. Like an invitation to wander. However, I do realize the daily commute is not exactly perceived as the scenic route. Many people’s perspective of the road is often ( and justifiably) littered with endless traffic, road rage, potholes, a**holes, and the many other atrocities that create a nightmare for the modern-day person. Some experience vehicle or motion sickness making road travel less than enjoyable and well, who feels a sense of care-free wandering when that’s the case? Rest assured the following roads will not or should not induce anxiety, stir up motion sickness, or encourage anyone’s road rage at least I hope not!

The Last Dirt Roads of Colorado. ©Victoria Lise.Backcountry Colorado Road. ©Victoria LiseBrush Creek Road During Fall. ©Victoria Lise

When I envision the road I see changing landscapes, deep canyons and red sandstone, blue sky and birds that fly at interstate speeds. I feel the breeze blowing through the braids of my hair, deep introspection, the rush of passing tractor trailers, and an overwhelming appreciation for everything that is and has been. I hear my favorite songs that sing of the open road and the west and of living free. And I can also envision the nauseating traffic, traffic lights, flat tires, all the other stuff I choose not to include in my daydream of the road but I’ve been there- on those roads too. I’ve felt exhaustion, confusion, nervousness and emotions from the opposite end of that spectrum as well. It is the yin to the yang, the two sides to a coin metaphor and perhaps one of many reasons we are able to appreciate life’s experiences more knowing the struggle that coexists with the joys.

Over The Hill On a Dirt Road. ©Victoria LiseDusk On A Dirt Road. ©Victoria LiseRainbow Over a Colorado Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

Growing up my imagination always took me on road trips, believe or not I visualized the roads and moments shown here before they were manifested into reality. And with the vivid scenes of my dreams I imagined how liberated I would feel when life’s roads intersected with the ones I longed to travel.  Many places, many roads, many people contributed to me feeling liberated but nothing liberated me more than exploring the roads and road blocks within myself.  A lifelong adventure on the road of life with many gears but no directions and no reverse. We’re all driving on different roads, shifting different gears, in different cars searching for purpose or freedom or love or healing. There are times our lane is intersected or we are cut off or crashed into and while from our point of view it may be a total disturbance or day wrecker we have no insight to the highway or backcountry single track the other traveler just came from. We can only control how we drive and when to shift.

Western Highways. ©Victoria LiseColorado Cattle Drive Switching Lanes. ©Victoria LiseWinding Road Below Cinnamon Mtn. ©Victoria Lise

If you dig roads as much as I do and want to see more of the winding roads I’ve traveled and treasure check out The Open Road project recently added to my portfolio. All of these photos (but one) were taken in Colorado. Lucky #7 was taken on I-70 West in Utah and more states are featured in my portfolio.

 Below photo taken by my extremely talented husband, Alex.


What’s your favorite way to travel? Are you a road tripper like me? Share your thoughts with me below! 

As always, I appreciate you all for joining me here! And until next time 

Happy trails and travels ♥

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  1. Debi walls

    That’s my girl always willing to go down the road less traveled💫thanks for letting us see the world through your eyes it’s quite breathtaking 🏔🗿🌄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for appreciating me and my passions and supporting my endeavors along the way! Love love love you xo


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