Colorado's peaks disappear into colorful clouds during sunset. ©Victoria Lise

A February Evening in Colorado

Happy day my friends! I hope the beginning of a new week has greeted you kindly and gently. We are currently under a steady but light snow shower in our cozy corner of Colorado. Any and all snow has been wildly welcomed as this winter has been mild-tempered.  Sunsets on the other hand have been plentiful, ranging from pastel watercolors to bold, vibrant, and moody depths of color. It can be enamoring to live in a place of such magnificent beauty. Since the start of the year though, I haven’t found or carved out enough time for shooting so when the sun began to set and the clouds parted just enough for an explosion of color I ran (really I drove or I would have missed it) home, grabbed my camera pack, and drove up the mountain for a long-awaited moment of silence, in nature, with my camera.

Mt. Axtell stands about the cozy town of Crested Butte. ©Victoria LiseHues of winter in Colorado. ©Victoria Lise

As I waited watching the clouds cluster and thicken I wasn’t sure how much of an aesthetic this sunset would provide, however the long-awaited moment to just be was probably needed even more so. To the east of town was dark and stormy while the west’s veil of clouds had lifted just enough to see the golden hue emanating from the horizon.

Dark winter sky above Whetstone Mountain, Colorado. ©Victoria LiseColorado sunset aglow in between clouds. ©Victoria Lise

An unknown amount of time passed and with it the day’s end or so I believed. As I drove off feeling grateful nonetheless for a still moment, nature shimmied up a sunset show better than my greater imagination. Who would a thought? I drove higher up the mountain for a better vantage point and with serious inner stoke or excitement. I’m sure many of you can relate whether you’re a photographer yourself or an avid sunrise/set chaser, light chasing requires a bit of patience, expedition, and perhaps a tinge of productive anxiety as there is only so much time to capture a setting or rising sun before the light has completely shifted.

West Elk Sunset, Colorado. ©Victoria LiseThe horizon glows orange above the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. ©Victoria LiseColors of Colorado's winter sunset. ©Victoria Lise

The clouds continued to accumulate and then tamper out until the grand finale- when they gave way to the light blue twilight of winters sky complimenting the peach glow left levitating on the horizon. The snow-capped mountains looked to disappear underneath the luminescent layer of vapor. Below are my favorites shots captured in the midst of day passing the pipe to-night. 

Sun setting over Colorado's snow-capped mountains. ©Victoria Lise

Whether you stop to smell the flowers or stop to watch the sun set. Just make sure you stop (everyday) to take it all in. Wherever you are.

Colorado's peaks disappear into colorful clouds during sunset. ©Victoria Lise

Which photograph sticks out to you the most? Do you stop to catch the sunrise or the sunset? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks so much for joining me here and until next time..

Happy trails ♥

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