New Moon in Leo: Delight Your Inner Child


This new super black moon in Leo invites us into the realm of optimism. New moon cycles are a time of fruitful darkness, a period of internal retreat, drawing us into the caves of our being. However, this new moon in Leo isn’t letting us go into the dark without first handing us a fiery torch to light the way. At the same time Mercury begins to move direct and many other positive aspects make way for a surplus of opportunities to flow and develop. The Cancer eclipse season may have left us feeling drenched as we plunged into the ocean of our emotions. We faced the pains of being human and now it’s time to celebrate the joys of our existence. 

Simply put, it’s time to shine! We can no longer hide behind that which dims our radiance. Imagine if the sun stopped beaming, if the very force which all of life depends upon went dark, life would cease to exist. We are each suns in our own right and we too must share our light. Ruled by the sun and the element of fire, Leo is the heart of the zodiac. Our will, determination, courage, and creativity are all expressions of our heart fire! And tending to them polishes and primes our hearts to shine brightly. 

This fresh new start offers us a glorious, refreshing reprieve, and encourages us to step fiercely into our self confidence while embracing what delights our inner child. The nature of this cosmic cycle calls us to rekindle our flame of joy. Laugh, play, speak up, show off unapologetically, dance, sing, make love, make art, journal, honor your uniqueness, your magic! Spend quality time enjoying your life while uncovering how to be radically loyal to your authentic self.  The adventure of stepping into ourselves doesn’t require us to be loud, we can be quiet pathfinders, especially under the influence of a dark sky, but it does require us to take action. 

Journey inward with a smile and a light heart, accept your quirks, unwrap your gifts, applaud yourself, and take pleasure in who you are.

In the words of well known astrologer Liz Greene “Why don’t become what only you can become?”

For yoga practitioners, heart openers and elemental air based sequences will be of great benefit, and can bring balance to the lack of air currently in the cosmos, while also magnifying the exuberance of this charged fire season. 

Journal Prompts;

  • What stokes my heart fire?
  • What can I let go of to make space for more of what I love?

To find out exactly where this new moon will influence you most directly pull up your natal chart on and look for 5° of Leo. The house which contains Leo is the area of your life under review. For more information or to schedule a natal chart or new moon reading please inquire here.

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  1. Debi walls

    Yipeeeeeeee let’s celebrate life is good

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    1. ‘‘Tis the season!!! To celebrate good times come on 🎉🎉🎉


  2. I am ready as can be 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I feel the fire already and feel like I’ve made it to shore! This August is a brilliantly blessed month with great fortune astrologically! ❤️

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      1. I truly need it and I have big changes coming my way. Fingers crossed. Come on August.

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      2. Wishing you all the best!! 💜

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      3. Thank you very much my friend. Bless you ❤️

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