Colorado’s Super Bloom 2019

Year after year, Crested Butte’s wildflowers continue to leave visitors and locals in utter awe, suspending one in a state of elevated bliss. This summer was beyond measure with hillsides covered in gold, violet, crimson, scarlet- a palette of natures finest seasonal colors. Fields of diverse native plants all growing together. They sprouted early, and went on to be late bloomers, even now flowers are blossoming above tree level.

Today is the last day of Virgo, ruled by the earth element, and tomorrow we move into Libra which is ruled by air. A change in seasons has already been underway, temperatures are cooler especially at night, and aspen leaves have begun their cyclical transformation. As the earth begins to wither into winter, we too must harvest, and till our inner fields preparing to withstand the dark, cold days ahead. Letting go of our own dying leaves, bracing to bare our trunks to the nature of life.

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  1. Debi walls

    Absolutely breathtaking love the butte especially because my kids are there 💜

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  2. It was a wonderful super bloom, wasn’t it? You have captured it beautifully!

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    1. It sure was and a magnificent Fall! However, never long enough for me haha. Winter is said to arrive this week, oh boy! Thank you So much Denise


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