The Colors Of Letting Go

Aspen trees in Colorado adorned in fall covered leaves.

Letting go is colored by our perception but it’s colorful none the less. Trees shed their leaves showing us that after all else has been stripped away we are still there, we can be reduced to nearly nothing, yet we are still there beneath everything we have adorned ourselves with. “Wherever you are, there you are.”

There is something to be gained from loosing what has been so precious. This is the nature of the life/death/life cycle which is in natural alignment with the lessons of Scorpio season. Nature demands we let go of old forms entirely. A cycle ends so a new one may begin. It is when we our stripped that were able to see ourselves as we really are.

This has been a consistent theme in my life over the last year. When my husband was buried under snow for 2 + hours, barely hanging onto life, dancing on the thin line between life and death, my world seemed harrowing, there were no absolutes, but there I was. I had many heroes that night and I was one of them..for myself.

A week later my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. If you’ve loved someone through a chronic illness then you know, life changes the day of the diagnosis, and everyday after that, and grief starts before death. It was just three months before she took her last breath.

There’s no avoiding the seasons of our existence. So I meet myself where I am, in grief and gratitude. This year wasn’t filled with peak hikes, but hiking the trails of my heart has been wildly adventurous in its own right. Below is a series of captures that filled my heart, made me feel alive and well and deeply attuned to life’s magic. And a candid, captured by a dear friend, reminding me of the goodness amidst life’s most challenging changes.

As always, thank you for joining me here! And until next time, Happy Trails!

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  1. So Beautiful Tori, …. this was my take away: “There’s no avoiding the seasons of our existence. So I meet myself where I am, in grief and gratitude”! Meet Yourself in_____(Fill in the blank) And Always, ALWAYS IN/WITH GRATITUDE. Such a powerful perspective filled and infused with serenity and lightness. Thank you for being you. For exposing your seasons with us. What a gift and a blessing it is❤️

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    1. I love that, Meet yourself in _____ (fill in blank) it’s like a mad lib! Thank you for seeing me and sharing your love with me! I appreciate you dearly, deeply, wildly! It’s an honor to go through the seasons of our lives together.


  2. Powerful reflections, dear Tori, and exquisite photos. Sending hug,s, love, and healing thoughts. 💜

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    1. Thank you so much Carol, so very appreciative. Hugs and love and good wishes from me to you too 💜💫

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  3. I don’t know who wrote it, but it came to me while reading this:
    “I try, most days, to meet myself where I am, with a warm heart and kind eyes; when I am in integrity, this is easy, so easy. But when I stray outside of my authentic self, it gets harder to meet my demons with softness.”
    I love your musings. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

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    1. Mmm love that! Thank you for sharing it with me. I love and appreciate you and your heart ❤️


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