Sagittarius New Moon; Aim True

Sagittarius reaches out its arrow for us to grab onto, pulling us from the newly explored depths of our own inner ocean of emotion. We may be drenched from Scorpio’s waters, soaking in our new understandings that Sag now invites us to celebrate. We were in Scorpios sunless, obsidian valley and now we’re on Sag’s lustrous, carnelian peak, hopefully seeing from new heights and broader perspectives with eyes-wide-open.

Scorpio is contraction while Sagittarius is expansion. Scorpio asked for emotional honesty so we could answer the archers call and stand tall in our truth. Before we can stand firmly in our truth we have to first rekindle our inner knowing and get clear on what exactly our truth is.

Sagittarius welcomes us to warm up by the fire, burn off the burdens, and then hands us a bow and arrow of our very own. Releasing the arrow requires that we have a target in which to aim or that we surrender to trust the direction of our life’s unfolding. And while we’re in the eternal optimists territory, we are reminded to enjoy ourselves, making the best of the journey even when we don’t hit our mark. This new moon cycle aims to ignite our heart fires, awaken our passions, expand our horizons, open our minds, and inspire new directions. To aim true and then follow through.

This cycle is extra exuberant with the sun and moon hanging out with Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, an aspect that won’t occur again for another 12 years. Jump for joy with jolly Jupiter, indulge in merriment, be charmed by cheer, frolic in the jubilance of Sagittarius season, and then prepare to get to work when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, 2019.

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  1. Debi walks

    Thks tori for explaining this info so well I enjoy reading all your work love love love 🔥💥

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    1. You’re the best, thank you!! xo


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