Pisces New Moon; The Unconscious Current

The sun and moon are cozied up together in dreamy Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, bringing us to the final new moon phase of this astrological year before we begin anew in fiery Aires. 

When the moon isn’t reflecting any light, which is true during a New Moon, our energy can feel lower (as above, so below) and because it’s in Pisces we may feel extra tender, sleepy, more sensitive to the messages of our intuition, our dreams may be wildly vivd, seemingly magical or impactful, and there’s a chance we could feel a bit dazed and confused. Its like the fuzzy radio before it’s been tuned in, only we’re attuning ourselves to a higher potential, aligning the constellations of our actualized dream. Living the dream, surviving the nightmare as my husband, Alex writes in one of his songs.

Pisces encourages us to find wisdom in self awareness, in showing up compassionately for ourselves and others, to review our self sabotaging tendencies, and be mindful of where we may try to escape our inner reality, the unconscious current that keeps us swirling in an illusive safety of perpetuated fantasy.  

Looking at our reflection in the Piscean waters may reveal we are both the entangled fish and the one holding the net. 

At the highest level Pisces, teaches us to surrender our fears to the mysteries of the rivers, and trust the greater intelligence of our lives unfolding. To move from effort into flow. To let go yet drop anchor in the center of our being. 

These are the last days of hibernation before the liveliness of spring ensues. And we are still in the throes of Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to rest, retreat, and ruminate in the sacred springs of the subtle body. Naps, meditation, fluid movement, and artistic expression are all channels that support a gentle transition from stimulated mind to open heart throughout this introspective water cycle.

“If you jump you will not fall. Go on and spread those wings of reason. We are water after all.” -Nahko Bear

To find out where this new moon is transiting, and what area of life is under review for YOU  (courtesy of Mercury Rx), look to the house that contains Pisces in your natal chart. The New Moon is exact February 23, 2020 at 8:30a.m. MST.

For more information or to schedule a personalized astrology reading click here. If you missed my post on Mercury Rx click read more below.

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Mercury goes retrograde in the intuitive sign of Pisces 2/16/2020 – 3/9/2020. ⁣

Pisces is the home of the dreamer, dreaming up a euphoric world built on universal compassion, moved by creativity, fluid in nature, shapeless, and without bounds. ⁣

To much of the dream and we become lost in a fantasy and/or confused by illusion. The winged messengers transit through the 12th signs mutable waters may nudge us to wake from the fantasy we’ve been living, step down from playing all mighty savior or step up & out of the victim role.

Mercury Rx brings us back to something needing to be re-evaluated, a place in our lives needing to be reintegrated, restored, or remedied. Whatever calls for our reflection will reveal and resurface itself- we won’t need to dig for it. ⁣

It’s not rare to be born with Mercury Rx as it orbits this way several times a year. And those born with this natal placement may feel, very subtly, like the natural order of things have been restored. ⁣

While those with strong Gemini + Virgo placements, or a heavily aspected Mercury, tend to feel the influence of the retrograde the most. ⁣

However, it’s not as disruptive as the hype encourages us to believe. While it’s not recommended to start new things, there’s no need to put life on hold or hide for the next 3 weeks. ⁣

Mercury retrograde draws us back to something needing our attention, something incomplete, or unresolved. Trying to move forward when something needs our consideration creates a band of resistance, pulling us back to the same situations, feelings, or people. ⁣

Resolution, here, is the key to unlocking the next stages of our growth and only we have the free will to do it. ⁣

So, ⁣

Where might we need firmer, clearer boundaries? Where or with whom could we show up with greater compassion? Where can we shift into observer instead of the judge? ⁣

On the other hand, where can we slow down and paint with the colors of our imagination? ⁣


  1. My take away; “We are both the entangled fish and the one holding the net. !!!!” There is so much power in the integration of this Truth…. It’s hopeful yet paradoxically scary at the same time !! specially when we get “Entangled” in the looping of self -sabotaging thought patterns . Thank you for always offering the outlets …the healing rituals that organically allow us to realize that WE ARE THE ONES HOLDING THE NET.
    ……Radical Self Compassion is Key…naps, meditation , fluid movement and self creative expression 🙏✨Thank You for always giving it your all in the posts. Namaste Divine ✨Light.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your reflections and always supporting my work so lovingly! You’re the best!


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