Gemini New Moon: Soar Higher

Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, and the air element is linked to the mind, intellect, communication, spoken, and written word, curiosity, connection and so much more. Although Mercury is akin to Hawk(s), Gemini can best be imagined as Hummingbird, colorful, quick, and fluttering about from flower to flower, communicating with every bit of life in a spirited, playful dance. 

Busy minds, busy bodies, onto the next exciting thing before finishing the last, Gemini needs stimulation + circulation. Because of the unprecedented times we are currently facing globally, we’re called to utilize Gemini’s creativity, and adaptability to serve our primal need to connect, and support our desire to socialize. However, the shadow side of Gemini can detach from others, isolate, or engage in a superficial sense of intimacy. This new moon encourages us to get curious and open minded about our communication. Does gossip and/or small mindedness inhibit the intimacy and connection desired on a deeper level? At an esoteric or soulful level, Gemini connects heaven and earth. The glyph represents heaven above, earth below, and the pillars or network of exchange connecting the two. It’s the transmission of a higher consciousness to earth consciousness. One of Gemini’s greatest lessons is to still the mind, learn to listen, and to align heart, feeling, and word for a more honest, integral expression to come forth. 

With Venus retrograde in Gemini until June 25th, we can expect things that need our attention to resurface, presenting us with an opportunity to face, and amend parts of ourselves (or situations) we keep meeting, but wish to avoid. Of course, free will allows us to continue to ignore whatever it is pulling to be acknowledged, however, it will come back around, recirculating until the choice to conclude its cycle is made. Gemini illuminates our everyday communications, interactions, and information so all of those will be under review. And because its Venus that is retrograde, the scope is on our relationships, what we love, our values, self worth, body image, finance, and security systems.

It’s a cycle that pushes us to reinvent, reset, and/or renegotiate the contracts we’ve made with ourselves, and the stories we tell ourselves. We can look back to 2012 for insights as to what patterns could reappear as that was the last time Venus was Rx in Gemini. Retrogrades invite us to go back over certain areas of life and/or aspects of our being like an earthworm does the soil until it’s fertile. All words that begin with ‘re’ represent the foundation of retrograde cycles, renew, rebalance, rekindle, rebuild, reclaim, recharge, reevaluate, redo, rebirth, reimagine, and so on. On June 16, Mercury stations retrograde as well. So, while Venus Rx invites us to reassess matters of the heart, Mercury spins us round to matters of the mind, words, and daily information.

The celestial bodies are always active, and the current atmosphere, a bit foggy, and unclear. Like Hawk, whose medicine is akin to Mercury, we are reminded to soar higher, and see the birds eye or overall view.

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  1. You had me at the playful and colorful Hummingbird… and all the Re(s). Who doesn’t like 2nd chances ? Retracing our past blueprints certainly feels lighter when coming from a nurturing place of giving ourselves the opportunity of Rebirth.. Reclaiming what we are originally destined to play out during this life time. I pray for all of us
    To truly be guided how to Revisit the past with Resilient Endevour. With lots of Self Compassion and patience. This is no easy task but certainly one worth Revisiting for it will mean the Resurrection of what may be dimming our Inner Spark. Thank you for taking your labor of love with such respect and responsibility… I know a lot of the truths aren’t so pretty and covered in flowers 🌸 but you manage to always deliver with so much grace and most importantly with tenderness, compassion and love. Namaste 🙏

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    1. You beautiful Gemini rising you!


  2. Debi walls

    Wow I feel so connected with this with this writing the birds and nature show us everyday what to do and how to listen and how to just be . Tori you have opened the curtain to inspire the world please never stop my hats off to you 🦋⭐️🎩🦅

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    1. Thank you so much! Your natal moon is in Gemini


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