Astrology FAQ’s

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of planetary positions, movements, and their correlation to events on earth, as well as their direct influence on human behavior/character. Astrology is the language of the stars. For centuries, humans have looked to the heavens for guidance. Planting and harvesting with the guidance of the moons cycles, celebrating the Suns return on what is known as the Solstice, building structures in alignment with specific constellations or celestial happenings. Astrology provides a means for translating knowledge in a way our human minds can understand. It is founded on elemental and planetary magnetism encoded within an individuals energy field at their time of birth. There are many different types of astrology in which charts are interpreted differently or have an entirely different foundation altogether. An individual should pursue what resonates with them most.

What Is A Birth Chart

Simply put, a birth chart is a snap shot of the sky at the moment you took your very first breath. It shows in which signs and elements the planets were in at the time of your birth and sheds insights as to how you express under these natal influences. It also unveils each individuals assigned purpose, makes clear the pathways to ones highest potential, and deepens self awareness. It is like a storyline and a map on the journey to greater self discovery.

What Are The Benefits of An Astrology Reading?

  • Gain insights into unconscious patterns
  • Reconnect to yourself and your unique purpose
  • Deepen self awareness
  • Identify what holds you back and how to move forward with clarity, compassion, and precision
  • Balance your elemental distribution
  • Learn to harness your gifts
  • Liberate into greater freedom
  • Understand your souls evolutionary intention
  • Find out how planets are influencing you through current transits and progressions and learn how to best utilize these energies
  • Open up new perspectives to help understand the process of growth and transformation

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