Get a deeper understanding of who you are and what you’ve come to do in this lifetime. Unveil your gifts, deepen your self awareness, untether and empower yourself!

How it works: Prior to your scheduled session you will receive an email with a phone number and a one time generated pin for you to call into to begin your reading. If you are international, or prefer to be on a face to face video conference, we will use Zoom in which you will need to download the software beforehand and then accept the invite sent via email. Readings are recorded and emailed to you directly after session so you can listen back at anytime. A copy of your natal chart with current transits and progressions will also be sent with the recorded session.

Cost: $90.00 usd

Please fill in the form and double check your information before submitting. It is essential to have the correct birth info to ensure an accurate analysis.

Please click here to schedule a 60 minute natal chart reading.

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