Anasazi Petroglyphs. Victoria Lise.

The Mojave Desert Pt. 3

Hello my friends! I hope the start of your week has been smooth and easy-going! We’ve made it to the final installment of my Mojave Desert series. Part 3 consists of many ‘trips’ to the desert, a pot-luck if you will, as I pulled some of my favorites from over the years and a couple I unintentionally left out from parts 1 and 2. Many of these were taken with a point and shoot Nikon when my Canon DSLR still felt like a sliver of a dream way off yonder. I have since tried to recreate some of the below…

A desert highway. Victoria Lise 2017

The Mojave Desert Pt. 2

Hi again friends! I’ve returned with Pt. 2 of the Mojave Desert series. I am so grateful so many of you enjoyed Pt. 1’s photos and content. It truly is an honor to be able to share with you the magic of many places and the adventures in between. So let’s get to it shall we? The desert has a way with re-centering my perspective and altering how I view my priorities. Nature itself always draws me deep into introspection, giving the space which encourages a clear mind and a less anxious nervous system. Which is largely why I live…

The Nevada Desert. Victoria Lise 2017

The Mojave Desert Pt. 1

Hi my friends! I hope you all have been well, fine, and dandy! Last week we packed the truck and headed west to explore Nevada’s desert and soak up the record high temps. Since moving back to Colorado, 4 years ago, the Nevada desert has become like a second home, one I can’t seem to stop venturing back to. In just about 9 hours on a wide open road and you find yourself in a completely different climate and landscape. Not to mention the drive west from Colorado is incredibly beautiful, even breathtaking. And If you’re familiar with the highways…

Succulents By The Sea in Santa Cruz, California

Colorado lifestyle blogger and photographer captures a dreamy spring morning in Santa Cruz, California. Pink and yellow succulents line the foggy pacific coast. A scene so alluring, you’ll consider a visit for yourself!